Friday, February 09, 2018

She was "burned beyond recognition": Detroit Trio Accused of Knoxville Horror-Type Murder, Torture, Mutilation of 28-Year-Old White Woman

By Pax Romana58
Friday, February 9, 2018 at 4:56:00 A.M. EST

"Alyssa Dickson, 21, Felicia Bowles, 37, and Damiso Marble, 30, all face charges of felony murder; torture; unlawful imprisonment, and disinterment or mutilation of a body.

Marble and Bowles face an additional charge of assault with intent to commit murder, records show. All have been arraigned and denied bond.

One fire official familiar with the case said the woman's body was "burned beyond recognition." The Wayne County Medical Examiner did not immediately respond to a request for information on the woman's identity. Police say only that the victim is a 28-year-old white female."

At The Detroit News.


Anonymous said...

Hate crimes,racial terrorism,small scale civil war (one sided).Call it what you want.Whites are blind to the carnage going on here.Any national TV networks exposing these kind of crimes?Not even FOX,to a great extent.Ohhh,once in a while you see Kate Steinle type of coverage,but the black on white murders?Can't think of any lately.
Speaking of FOX,plenty of blacks popping up as guest commentators lately,sometimes only the moderator is white,stuck between a supposedly liberal and conservative black.Click goes the remote for a few minutes.If I want to see that kind of debate,I can turn on MSNBC.

--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

There needs to be a massive White Lives Matter march on the Mall in DC with posters and leaflets about these black on white atrocities .. plus the statistics.

Anonymous said...

Agree.Need a legitimate pro-white,political group that can't be labeled as extreme.If the black,Mex,gay can have them,why not a future minority group (us)?Why are we forbidden to have people working for us--Congress used to (not anymore).Now,whites like Pelosi and Graham and McCain are against their own.
Trump promised to help--and tries somewhat,but is overwhelmed by the black,gay,mex special interests and white liberals.
How can it be done?I think Steve King has potential,but he's already been labeled a racist by MSM.Whites have to embrace and protect their existences.The other groups already have done so.Step one IS an organized march of millions of whites on Washington.It would open some eyes.
--GR Anonymous