Sunday, February 04, 2018

The Philadelphia Eagles Have Won Dirty Bowl 52, 41-33; It is the Eagles' First Super Bowl "Victory"

By Nicholas Stix

This was the most tainted Super Bowl victory in the 52 years of the game, which was determined by the officials awarding the Eagles two dirty touchdowns on incomplete passes.


Anonymous said...

N.S.,I have a feeling you were refereeing with your heart agree that the first "iffy" touchdown was probably not legit.He bobbled it,but the refs didn't "do the right thing" and reverse.Michaels and Collingworth were flabbergasted.
The second TD,at the moment it happened,I predicted would be a "ground causing" fumble.He took a couple steps,becoming a runner--therefore the ground couldn't cause the fumble in the end zone.
NBC should have had a replay expert,like FOX has,to give an immediate
opinion on the replays.Michaels/Collingsworth sounded a little "out of their paygrade"and confused,concerning the rules.NFL rules are not their forte,though they probably were correct on the first one.
There was too much discussion and what ifs.Should have been decisive.
Golf has a rules guy on air,as needed.NBC sorely missed one for the Super Bowl.
Other than that--fun game to watch.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

As my son always says, "The games are all fixed Dad."