Monday, February 26, 2018

Detroit Massacre, Part II


[Part I: “Gunfight at the O.K. Corral Leaves 4 Dead; Where’s the National Media?”]

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Monday, February 26, 2018 at 6:11:00 P.M. EST


George Davis killed himself in Ohio, after a police chase from Michigan. Following a triple murder at a gas station earlier today, Davis reloaded, drove to his cousin's place and blew him away also.

Pics on TV showed him to be black, and tattoed up to his neck. Criminal history? Of course.

Police followed him from NW Detroit to the Ohio border where Ohio State Police took the baton. Davis crashed his car and then ran on foot until he decided to avoid jail time—and save Michigan taxpayers some money.

No word if any of the deceased—two men and two women—were white. With felons like Davis, it wouldn't be a surprise if one of the women WAS white.


Stan d Mute said...

Color me shocked. Next I suppose we’ll find out that tomorrow the sun rises in the East?

Come on Mr Stix and GRA, you guys aren’t trying if negroes shooting up Detroit is post worthy. Maybe I’m just like everyone else from here and numb to it after the 50,000th report. This crap doesn’t even hit our local news most of the time. It’s like crime in Muskegon or Benton Harbor for you west coast kids and wooden shoe wearers. Wake me up when the negroes shoot up Grand Blanc or Bloomfield Hills or Livonia. Or have a war with the Mexicans in SW Detroit. Or the Arabs in Dearbornistan or Hamtramckistan! Now that’s some good material.

Anonymous said...

At Atlanta the blacks that do the daily crime reports don't even mention the race of the thugs committing wholesale crime of every sort. No photos of the perps or descriptions even when the perps are being actively sought unless it is rarely a White then the first words out of the black mouth is "White, etc.

Anonymous said...