Saturday, February 03, 2018

Hillary Clinton May Yet Move into the White House (Graphic)



By An Old Friend



Anonymous said...

Prison?They don't send blacks or liberal whites there anymore--not with the confluence on lib judges around the country.Not for long anyways.
Which brings me to another edition of FUTURE NEWS--events we might horrifyingly,actually see,even as farfetched as they might sound now.
With these words,Hillary Clinton became a free woman again:
"For her new sentence,Hillary will receive a spanking from Ellen Degenerate(DeGeneres),but only if she promises not to enjoy it."
---SF appeals court judge Whoopi Goldberg,six months after Clinton was first convicted in a Washington D.C.court in 2020,for treason.The conviction was quickly reversed after an appeal by Clinton's new lawyer Gayle King.Judge Goldberg was one of many judges appointed by new President Oprah Winfrey,shortly after Winfrey took office 10 days ago.
Vice President Lesta Holt,on Negro Nightly News,called it,"another step in the right direction for our country.This is WHO WE ARE.NIGGAS IN CHARGE."
Holt has kept his promise to the American people,that he would stay on as the objective news anchor on NNN,reporting only unbiased,fair and balanced news:"Pro-black and anti-white,"he laughed,while grabbing a young white female reporters butt.
"I didn't know they hired white bitchez anymore,"he remarked.With that,he slipped her a key to the back door entrance of the White House.
"You show up now,or you'll be my lead story tomorrow night:Racist reporter refuses black man's advance.You'll wind up at the same prison as Trump."
And with that,our Vice President got into his limo to meet the Secretary of State,Jay-Z
A horror scenario of the future,for sure.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

There are criminals that are unjailable. The Clintons are certainly in that category along with Barry and his husband. If they were jailable they would have long ago been there.

Anonymous said...

As a follow up thought,are we headed for apartheid in the United States,where the minority blacks rule the majority whites?(See above).
Would whites be SO much in denial about the consequences of such an event,that they would contribute to voting ANOTHER black in?And sealing our doom as whites?
Unfortunately,yes.There are plenty of liberal whites,when combined with an overwhelming black and Mex turnout in 2020,that would easily elect a Winfrey to POTUS.
What would transpire with a second black president?
Obama ×2=the end of a white based America.If you thought the philosophy of Obama was communist,racist against whites and tolerant of black crime,wait until Winfrey gets her liberal fat ass into the Oval Office.
There will be no pretense of tolerance for whites in that administration.She will appoint as many blacks,transgender,homosexuals and lesbians to the Cabinet as she can find.Hollywood types like Clooney,DeGeneres and retreads,like Jerry Brown,will have 4 years to change the laws against whites--never to be changed again.That will be the token white delegation--most will be black and militant.Four years+four after that,because if we know anything,it's the following:If a black runs for president,the blacks will 98% vote to keep them there for two terms.Enough whites will contribute to "the cause"to enable it.
More welfare,more housing laws changed to encourage blacks to flood your neighborhood.Black career criminals let out early from prisons,just some of what we,as whites have to look forward to.
I personally don't believe that Winfrey is not running.To me it's a lock that she is.And Trump will lose and it will be Apartheid in America.
---GR Anonymous