Sunday, February 11, 2018

Daddy Dearest: More Murder, Mayhem, Misogyny and Mexicans

By A Texas Reader

Houston man allegedly claims he "snapped" in killing of his wife in Houston


Three children allegedly watched as their father shot their mother to death in Houston.



Heidi M. Przybyla: Is she a pedophile?

N.S.: How come I never see stories about domestic violence, in which the perp is black or Hispanic, on MSNBC?

The “perp” in their stories isn’t even a perp. They only run stories on white guys who are alleged domestic violence abusers, and they’re not even guilty! MSNBC “journalists” just assume the white guy is guilty.

During the feminazi “October Surprise” campaign against Roy Moore back in November, NBC “reporter” Heidi M. Przybyla was on MSNBC every night for at least a week, calling Moore a “pedophile.” She didn’t say “suspected” anything, besides which, Moore hadn’t even been accused of pedophilia (having sexual relations with a pre-pubescent child). I owe ol’ Heidi at least one Duranty-Blair Award for that campaign.


David In TN said...

There are a lot of things that happen that you don't see on MSNBC.

Nicholas said...

Hey, buddy, that was fast!

Anonymous said...

Just give the award to the entire Negro Broadcasting Company and be done with it.A group award,from the CEO of the company,down to twit twats on MSNBC,like Mika,Heidi,Katy and Joy,seems to be appropriate.
Don't forget dildos for brains guys like Brian Williams,Scarborough,Matthews,the Jap liberal guy,Lui.Don't forget the guy who used to bang
Tamron Hall,O'Donnell and transgender, factbender Maddow.
On NBC,Lesta(I'm betting he's a molesta,like all the white celebs he calls out as often as he can)Holt,the Mex and black gangs of reporters,like Almaguer,Gutierrez and Ron Allen/Mott plus many other "minorities".Not on NBC they're not.Whites are.
Avoid the repetition of rewarding them with individual citations.Throw a big oxygen free blanket on the entire group and announce,that as a corporation--"You're a blight on our airwaves.Every last one of you.Duranty-Blair has spoken."
Plus,it will save on expenses,by way of creating only one plaque to give out,instead of many redundant ones.
Consider this dropped in the NSU "Suggestion Box".
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Mex are naturally that way(snapped)--I had a house full exactly like that renting(via section 8)with loud arguments,threats of shootings,kids running out of the house because "padre" has a gun pulled on mom.Finally had
them all evicted,thanks to much hard work by me.

Anonymous said...

What is his immigration status.