Friday, February 16, 2018

A Note to the F-Bombers

By Nicholas Stix

You always miss your targets!

Inspired by Youtube commenters here, though one could as easily hit any other YT entry.

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Anonymous said...

Ingraham and James jawbone about "racism".
Lebron James rips into Trump.
"Shut up and dribble,"said Laura Ingraham to Lebron James.
"You're racist,"said Lebron James and other blackies.
Pretty amusing,yet symptomatic of everything going on today.
Basically,blackie is not allowed to be criticized by whites in media,or the Wrath of the Con (job)is unleashed by Sporting News,ESPN etc.It's apparent that "The Sporting News" is in on it too-providing a forum for blacks to push their racist crap--joining NBC,CBS,CNN,NY Times,Washington Post etc for totally biased coverage--judging by the stance they seem to be taking in support of James.
And I used to read SN as a kid--and enjoyed it for SPORTS!!!"The Sporting News"should change the name of their publication,to "Black Lip Service Weekly" to denote a shift in their coverage to a pro-black agenda.All Ingraham has to say to all of it is,"Shut up and report on sports!!!"
Amen to that.
--GR Anonymous