Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The FBI Has Hired a Super Sleuth to Respond to Calls for Help from the Public! (Graphic)


Barney Fife Does D.C.

By Prince George’s County Ex-Pat


Anonymous said...

"Citizen's arrest!!!"
--Gomer Pyle talking to Don Knotts in one episode,after Barney Fife broke a law.
Also,the vultures were out today as the TV show I was watching,(Judge Judy)was interrupted by ABC "news".
Barely containing himself,Stephanopoulos,told me breathlessly that Hope Hicks had resigned--followed by more analysis by 3 other reporters.Hell,I thought war had been declared or missiles from NKorea were incoming.
No,Hope Hicks resigned.That's all.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

A story and a question
(Zerohedge)Just hours after Dick's announced it would end sales of all assault rifles and no longer sell any guns to people under 21, moments ago Walmart - or Warmart, as Bloomberg briefly dubbed it in a rather amusing Freudian slip moments ago...

... joined the bandwagon announcing late on Wednesday that "in light of recent events" America's largest retailer is "raising the age restriction for purchase of firearms and ammunition to 21 years of age."

Of course, Walmart could not fully replicate Dick's "taking a stand", because it had already stopped selling assault-style rifles back in 2015 due to sluggish demand for guns rather than politics according to the company.
GRA:Just have a question.Is THIS legal for a corporation to restrict gun buying arbitrarily,by age?I thought stores had to sell all their products to everyone--unless state or federal law says otherwise.
If Walmart and Dick's can do that,why not refuse to sell guns to blacks,who seem to commit most of the gun involved murders that I see.
---GR Anonymous

Stan d Mute said...

@GRA - First, best meme I’ve seen in a long time. Do one on Browards Cowards!

Second, the Dick’s and Walmart crap is all bark and no bite. Like banning bump stocks which destroy your aim and your gun. Most 18yo’s get their guns from parents, not retailers. Guns are expensive - AR’s are $1,000 or more. Full auto and silencers (stupid misnomer there too as they’re anything but silent) remain very legal, you just have more forms to complete and a longer wait to get them. And since negroes STEAL their guns, retail transactions are utterly irrelevant..

Your compadre the refugee from Detroit,

Stan d Mute

Anonymous said...

I heard from Napolitano on fOX that 4 states--including California--have laws that forbid stores to change the age for product purchases.He says,"Lawsuits will be filed."