Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Black Panther Movie Has a CGI Issue that You Probably Haven’t Heard about



Look at the black female warriors above. No, not their spears, or their uniforms, or their bald heads. Look at them, for cryin’ out loud!
Look at them!

I have a confession to make. I am a boob man. I appreciate a well-turned calf, or a curvaceous, firm, upturned behind as much as the next man, but I major in breasts.

All of the females in the still above have boobs that appear to be identical in size and shape.

What are the odds that nine actresses (the visible ones) would have identical boobs?

The possibilities are:

1. The casting people went out looking for actresses with identical boobs;
2. Wardrobe came up with ingenious foundation garments—minimizers and push-up bras—that equalized the assorted mammaries on the set; or
3. The CGI people digitally equalized the warriors’ boobs.

“Let me see your boobs.” “Your boobs all have to look alike.”

Nah, in this age of #Metoo Hoax shakedown lawsuits, not to mention black race hoax lawsuits, options one and two would be suicide missions. For me, the most likely option was CGI.

What do you think?  


Anonymous said...

I thought they were men. The no hair females are really realistic for black females. the Africans in America black females wear a lot of somebody else's hair.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
I vote for push up bras to get those breasts bigger and looking all the same. Likely the easiest thing to do since CGI work is probably more expensive and time consuming than supplying wardrobe accessories. They were, of course, trying to get women who look like "warriors", basically "females" with "We can kick male ass with our masculine, athletic builds". False, because even women with those kind of physiques aren't as strong as men. Still, those sinewy bodies are a little more believable than having 105 lb. wispy females pretending to be able to fight it out with 200 lb. men.
Black women in particular, can have masculine builds with their feminine characteristics muted. From what I've read, black women have higher levels of testosterone than white and Asian women, I believe it looking at some of them. Personally, I find it very unattractive, especially square shoulders with small breasts (I am very appreciative of breasts also) and thick thighs. I'm as far from being gay as a man can be and find anything even remotely masculine on a woman to be repulsive, even short hair can be a turnoff for me, but African features even on a feminine black woman are rarely attractive to me either though if she has European features with dark skin I could find her beautiful. Plus I like soft hair not that hard wiry stuff, especially around certain areas...and yes I have had experience with it. Just not my taste. What's that joke? Black and decker pecker wrecker??? Sorry, I couldn't help that, but it's true.

Unknown said...

Hair is racism. Its a damn shame that black women have to feel the need to wear a hair hat to be seen as females. In a just world, the Chinese would run you over with a tank for disagreeing with them, no matter who you are.

Anonymous said...

NOT enough diversity.

Anonymous said...

How many "Black Panther" movies will we have to endure--along with the offshoot movies?Not enough fingers and toes to count them.Then,for more torturous viewing,whites will be doused with racist propaganda that ALREADY is being spewed by media--phrases like,"We were KINGS once",said a black with baggy pants,in a TV report.Another report showed black kids getting free tickets in GR to see this flick,along with an explanation of how great blacks are.This was on my local channel WOOD.
"Beautiful gesture",said white newsman Brian Sterling.In my area,WOOD is liberal,WZZM is SUPER liberal.WZZM's motto since the election has been,"Love Trumps hate."That says it all about their politics.
Anyways,watch this black movie shit explode everywhere,like a sewer line eruption from leaking methane gas.
The stench will be the same.
--GR Anonymous

Nicholas said...

There's a solution: Whites simply need to refuse to pay to see this crap.