Tuesday, February 27, 2018

In Feminist Super Power Sweden, Moslems Take Child Brides, but It Doesn’t Stop There!

By An Old Friend

Peter Sweden:
I'm living in clown land. 15 yr old girl in Sweden was married away to an adult man. The Swedish state took the girl & placed her in foster care - BUT the foster carer is none other than her "husband". So now he's getting paid tax money for having sex with his child bride
2:47 PM - 26 Feb 2018

PeterSweden‏Verified account @PeterSweden7 6h6 hours ago
Being paid tax payers money for "taking care" of your underage wife. This could only happen in the feminist superpower of Sweden. SWEDEN YES!

Replying to @GAntill83
There are about 300 officialy legal child marriages in Sweden right now.
6:13 PM - Feb 26, 2018

Dame Sir Ron @paddo_ron
Replying to @PeterSweden7 @GAntill83
Are there not 300 bullets in all of Sweden?
9:13 PM - Feb 26, 2018

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Anonymous said...

We do it in the old country.