Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, 2018: 17 Killed in South Florida High School Shooting, over 20 Wounded; Perp Wounded and in Custody is Nikolas Cruz, 19, Who Had been Expelled from the School; “Fantastic Mother Jones “Reporter”: Shooter was “Obsessed with Guns”; Dems and Neocon Echoes: We Need “common-sense gun safety laws,” a Curb on “NRA Abuse,” and Better Propaganda!

By “W,” Grand Rapids Anonymous, and Nicholas Stix

At The Orlando Sentinel.

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at 3:47:00 P.M. EST

Breaking: 20-50 high schoolers injured in Broward County, Florida shooting incident. (FOX)

“White male” is a suspect. (MSNBC)

GRA: Looks like a predominantly white school. MSNBC also listed this as the "11th school shooting in Trump's presidency."

How many occurred in Obama's two terms, plus riots? Hmmm?

N.S.: The crazy thing, for me, is that we kept my chief of research home from school today, due to a rumor spread by a feminist classmate of his that someone had threatened to shoot up his school for Valentine’s Day. I was going to send him to school, because killers never leave advance warnings, and figured it was just someone who had a test scheduled for today, but his mother insisted that she only has one son. Of course, she later changed her mind, and insisted that she had said to send him.

Late last night, I checked Google, and found nothing about any threats. Then, at 11:30, I passed some cops as I was headed to the supermarket, and asked them if they’d heard anything. The oldest one, a white guy who was about 6’4,” 300 pounds, and maybe 50 years old asked,

“Did you report it to the police?”
Me: “I just did.”

Another big, beefy cop said,

They probably had a test.”

Me: “That’s just what I said!”

Unfortunately, there was no warning in Florida.

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Anonymous said...

According to FOXNEWS,this guy,Cruz had given plenty of warnings,in person and online.He was tied up in Iraqi propaganda and was pointed out by students as,"the one person who would shoot up the school"after being expelled.
No one said anything,but even if they did--unlike "Minority Report",where you arrest someone BEFORE they commit a crime,MAYBE you get him on weapons charges,but supposedly,he legally purchased the AR-15 he used to shoot up the school.
What can law enforcement really do?
--GR Anonymous