Sunday, February 11, 2018

“Espinosa Fracturada”: While Invading America, Mexican Criminal Falls Off Cliff, Breaking Her Spine



By A Texas Reader

Mexican woman trying to cross into US falls off cliff, breaking spine

A 22-year-old woman trying to cross the southern U.S.-Mexico border wall illegally fell off a cliff during her attempt, landing her in the hospital with a fractured spine.


Anonymous said...

I didn't peruse the article,but I bet we're paying for her rehab.Now I'll find out if I'm right.

Anonymous said...

She was glad to see Border Patrol. The Patrol helping illegals in a jam is more common than we might think.

Anonymous said...

How much will taxpayers end up paying? If she is paralyzed, will she stay here forever at our expense? When Mexicans injure themselves sneaking in--or when they come here to have babies--they should be humanely picked up and delivered to Mexican authorities at the border. She hurt herself falling from a 20 foot cliff. If the 30 foot wall is ever built there will be lots of such cases--time to establish the policy of immediate delivery to Mexican hospitals--our health care costs are already outrageous.