Thursday, February 01, 2018

Black Supremacist Media Giant Ebony Pulls Race-Switching, Hate Crime Hoax with Potentially Murderous Consequences!


Victim DaShawn Horne is presently comatose in an ICU

[Previously, at WEJB/NSU:

“African-American Man Fighting for His Life after Unprovoked Racist ‘Rage’ Attack in Auburn.”]

By Reader-Researcher RC

Black Man Beaten With Bat for Sleeping With White Man's Sister

“DaShawn Horne was viciously attacked in an apparent hate crime. His assaulter is an 18-year-old who discovered his White sister spent the night with him.”

R.C.: He slept with a SAMOAN girl!

N.S.: I left the following comment at Ebony:

Congratulations, Zahara Hill! You have committed a race hoax. Was this your first time, or is this a routine for you? Are you trying to incite racist blacks to murder innocent whites?

At Ebony.


Samoan suspect Julian Tuimauga is in custody


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Anybody care to bet that this Julian Tuimauga is the next George Zimmerman? The first "white" Samoan? Another new race category created by the race hoaxers! White hispanics, White Samoans...what's next? White blacks? Oh wait, blacks call those oreos....or is that Black whites? I don't know, it's like genders, there's so many now you can't keep track, they just keep making them up to fit whatever racist narrative they want to concoct.

It's early still but I couldn't find any of the major newswires picking this story up yet. They may let this one stay local because they don't have a nice white Zimmermanish sounding name to put in the headlines, Tuimauga is just too non white sounding, even the most gullible of dupes that make up too much of the US public might wonder if this guy is really white.

Here's a photo of the Tuimauga, Mr. Horne and Tuimauga's sister together. Note they all have the same skin tone.

Also, they might have a tougher time than usual selling this one to black America, a lot of blacks consider Samoans to be "honorary" negroes because of their prowess in American football. Ebony magazine might even let this one drop quicker than they'd like for that reason. We'll see though, they may find sneaky ways to bury the fact that the perp was non white and keep those hate crime headlines going. All they need to do is create that "impression" it was a white hate crime, the true details be damned.

Anonymous said...

He will counted as a whitey for statistical record keeping purposes.

Anonymous said...

"He will counted as a whitey for statistical record keeping purposes."

Or as in the case of Zimmerman he will be said to follow white culture and have white cultural mores.