Saturday, April 01, 2017

Police: Killer of “Artist” Corinna Mehiel Bragged to Friends of Robbing and Murdering Her

By Nicholas Stix

WUSA9 reporter Bruce LeShan tells us that suspect El Hadji Toure came here as a child from Sierra Leone, and is a legal, U.S. citizen.

Surely, yet another refugee success story.


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Anonymous said...

Tonight for your viewing DISPLEASURE,"60 Minutes" sends veteran black correspondent Bill Whitaker to Oklahoma for more instigation--not investigation-- on the incident involving Officer Betty Shelby's shooting of "an unarmed black man."(as CBS phrased it).
The usual garbage,as prosecutor Whitaker takes a page from Lesta,to put the officer on the hot seat--before her trial begins in a month.
CBS' website has a transcript of the story.
...and the beat goes on.
--GR Anonymous