Monday, April 10, 2017

Breaking News: Just Another Rapefugee in Germany: 10 Days Before the Rape in Bonn’s Siegaue Nature Preserve, the Ghanaian Had Received His Deportation Notice!


This is a police "Phantombild," a realistic-looking, computerized suspect "sketch." I have not been able to find an actual photograph of the suspect in custody.

Translated from the German, and re-posted by Nicholas Stix

Bonn Siegaue 10 Days Before the Rape, the Ghanaian Had Received His Deportation Notice!
By Marion Steeger
April 10, 2017, 2:07 p.m.

Bonn - After the rape in Bonn’s Siegaue Nature Preserve, it has now been discovered that ten days before the crime, the suspected perpetrator from Ghana had been served with a deportation order!

Der 31-Jährige hatte bis dahin sporadisch in der Zentralen Unterbringungs-Einrichtung des Landes in Sankt Augustin gelebt.

Until then, the 31-year-old had sporadically lived in the provincial, Central Shelter Institution for asylum applicants in St. Augustin.

DNA Evidence Unambiguous

In early February, the man traveled from Italy to Germany. The Ghanaian now sits in Cologne Prison.

Die Polizei ist aufgrund der Spurenlage sicher, dass er der Täter ist. Sprecher Robert Scholten: „Losgelöst von der Vergewaltigung haben wir am Tatort jede Menge DNA gefunden, die eindeutig vom Verhafteten stammen.”

Police are sure, based on the evidence found, that he is the perpetrator. Spokesman Robert Scholten said, “Independent of the rape, we found at the scene of the crime all sorts of DNA, which unambiguously came from the prisoner.”

Appeal of the Deportation Notification

The question remains: Why was the suspect not immediately deported after the official notice? Vanessa Nolte, of the official Cologne Regional Government said, “On March 23, he received the notification, and on March 24, he appealed it.” Bitter consequence: The process initially ground to a halt.

He Entered Germany Illegally

Had it come to deportation, according to the Dublin-Process, the suspect from Ghana would have to have been deported to Italy. That is where he entered on January 24. Local officials already rejected his application for asylum on February 7. The 31-year-old then traveled illegally to Germany, and was jailed in Kassel. After his initial detention in Dortmund on February 20, he came to St. Augustine on March 3.


Above and below: Police comb the camping site for clues. Very soon, such searches will become impossible, due to the massive number of rapes by “refugees,” and political pressure on the police to cease “racially profiling” non-white rapists.

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