Sunday, April 02, 2017

CBS News’ 60 Minutes is in the Railroad Business, as It Seeks to Railroad White Policewoman Betty Shelby, for Fatally Shooting an “Unarmed Black Man,” Terence Crutcher


Alleged killer, Officer Betty Shelby

Alleged victim Terence Crutcher, left. Man on the right is not identified. Picture was provided by family’s black supremacist, and really stupid attorney, Benjamin Crump. Note that in this as in other pictures of Crutcher, he looks like he’s high, nodding off, or blind.

By Grand Rapids Anonymous

Tonight for your viewing DISPLEASURE, 60 Minutes sends veteran black correspondent Bill Whitaker to Oklahoma for more instigation—not investigation—on the incident involving Officer Betty Shelby's shooting of "an unarmed black man" (as CBS phrased it).

The usual garbage, as prosecutor Whitaker takes a page from Lesta, to put the officer on the hot seat—before her trial begins in a month.

CBS’ website has a transcript of the story

... and the beat goes on.

--GR Anonymous

Sunday, April 2, 2017 at 7:45:00 P.M. EDT

Betty Shelby, as she appeared on 60 Minutes


Anonymous said...

Btw,the twosome were Adriene Kendrick and Kendris Gibson.ABC truly made it the All Black Channel by having the overnight weather told by extremely dark black,Paul Williams.Aunt Winona and J.J from "Good Times" came to mind immediately as the twosome "let their black out",between news stories.(and they really thought they were being entertaining).
What country are we in again?Kenya?

Anonymous said...

(This was the first part of that comment.)
Did you know department...?
Two nigs now co-anchor the overnight "World News Tonight" at 2am.
I haven't heard so much shrieking and jiving since "Good Times".
But they did manage to make time to highlight,what looked like a minor crime story about a stolen SUV in Massachussetts--and a white guys mugshot plastered as big as my TV screen for viewing.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Benjamin Crump. The "attorney" for the Treyvons famblee in FLA.

Crump the chump.