Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Trump is Finished


Anonymous said...

That might be the beach at Acadia National Park. Typical lefty stunt. Stupid. This might be a violation of law too? Defacing a national park site in any shape, manner, form.

Anonymous said...

So I flip on the tube and find the usual nobodies on late night TV.Out of 3 guests,you'd think I 'd know one of them.
CONAN:Jamie Dornan,Orny Adams and Blake Anderson.Blake Anderson SOUNDS famous,but only because the name combines Blake Shelton and Loni Anderson.Don't know him.
LATE LATE SHOW:Aaron Paul,Jenny Slate and Jermaine Fowler.Nothing.Is Fowler from "Wild Kingdom"?No.Black comic.
SETH MEYERS:Dakota Johnson and Paper Route.Nada.
I distinctly remember when my folks were my age,there were new people in the mid 80s,like Robin Williams,Seinfeld,Garry Shandling etc--along with vets Bob Hope,Sinatra,Jimmy Stewart,Rodney Dangerfield,Rickles,Michael Douglas,Ahhhnold,Sly Stallone--people my generation and my folks generation both heard of.Now,these uninteresting,unknown"celebs"come out and are intensely unentertaining.
The internet had Trump pissing off Mexico,Australia and threatening Iran.A slow day for into Mexico to fight drug lords(denied),a disdain for taking refugees from Australia that obama agreed to,and Iran's missile test.
Guess we can count on the POTUS to keep things interesting,even if TV is not.
--GR Anonymous