Monday, February 27, 2017

Nick Cannon: “I’m Racist! I Am! America’s Got Talent Took My Real Nigger Card!”

By Jerry PDX

Leslie Jones can make jokes about whites all she wants and not experience criticism. However, there are limits to what she can say. Nick Cannon is case in point. He was recently excoriated by the media for "racist" jokes.
Here they are:

"My Asian friends, I don't let them walk my dog. Because they might wok my dog! I'm racist! I am. If I see a middle-aged white man in some sweatpants by a school, pedophile!"

"Yes, I pre-judge people, I do. If I meet somebody from India, I assume they house smell like curry."
First off, the poor quality of those jokes isn’t an accident. Nick Cannon is a hack. I've caught some of his alleged comedy here and there, and it's clear that his ability to entertain an audience is very limited. Richard Pryor and Chris Rock could be pretty racist against whites in their comedy but they at least have talent (had, in the late Pryor’s case). Cannon does not.

As for his "racist" joke, it was quite racist but he didn't get in trouble for the white pedophile joke, it was the jokes about Indians and Asians that got him in trouble. He's been making jokes like that about whites for a long time—a simple Youtube search brings up plenty of clips of him mocking whites. America's Got Talent knew about his history and didn't care when they hired him, and didn't fire him when he was on the show, but when he targeted other protected minority groups, AGT got uncomfortable and "warned" him. Yes, they didn't actually fire him but told him to shut up, or he would get fired. If it were a white man, he'd have been fired immediately. Cannon felt that AGT was infringing on his rights to express himself and quit.

Quote by Cannon: “I grew up like a real n****r. All that stuff. But I honestly believe, once I started doing America’s Got Talent, they took my real n****r card. They did!” he said, “Because then like these type of people started showing up to my shows. I can’t do the real n****r stuff no more, because then they’ll put me on TMZ.”

Either he doesn't get it, or he's being disingenuous. It appears he doesn't grasp (or won't admit) that he got in trouble because he went after non-whites. If he were to be genuinely honest about this situation, he would have to acknowledge the double standard between what a white man can say and a black one can, and no self-respecting negro in this day and age will let go of their victim fetish syndrome long enough to do that. This is justice, in a small way, since he's experiencing some of the hyper-scrutiny whites get for supposed racist comments.

“Nick Cannon Quits America’s Got Talent Over Racial Joke” (The Griot, black supremacist blog).

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