Thursday, February 09, 2017

Ninth Circus Rules Against President Trump, the Constitution, Federal Statute, and Precedent, be Damned!

By Nicholas Stix

Next Stop, the USSC. But that’s become very problematic, thanks to the suddenly opportunistic Supreme Court designate Neil Gorsuch, not to mention John Roberts and Anthony Kennedy.


Anonymous said...

The insidious disease just made itself known.The disease that's going to eat this country alive,by allowing an invasion to continue--because the courts will rule:These people (immigrants)have a right to be here!!!
Which they don't--except in a globalist,Soros-led boarderless world.
NOW what can be done?Judges fired and replaced?Can Trump do away with those Court of Appeals judges?Just asking,because I haven't done research on that point.
Alan Dershowitz claims a specificity of naming ages of immigrants to be denied entry,would get around the generalness of the executive order.Sounds like discrimination based on age instead of location/religion to me,but I'm just a regular Joe.
Judges,non partisan?Right,and I'm a liberal.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

It was 53 years ago today..."The Beatles"!!!
The Colbert Show (which is horrible)opened with clips of the Fab 4--when talent existed--then proceeded to show how worthless TV late night is now,by telling us his guests:David Oyelowo,Taran Killam and musical guest Rae Sremmurd.
I don't think so.Click.
(I listened to his monologue while typing this.It's 11:47 and so far,12 straight minutes of anti-Trump crap.Now CLICK).
--GR Anonymous