Monday, February 13, 2017

Houston: Paw, Wittle Iwwegal, Faweign Kwiminals are Afwaid About Wumors They’ll Have to Go Home!

By A Texas Reader

Immigrants [sic] fear deportation amid ICE raid rumors

"Many people in Houston’s immigrant [sic] community are on edge following arrests last week in Austin and elsewhere."

They should end up in the morgue.

N.S.: When the anonymous, KHOU activist wrote "immigrant community," she/he/it--s/h/it, for short--was referring to the illegal alien community. Immigrants have nothing to fear.

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Anonymous said...

Correct. Immigrant is a legal status where the person now residing in the U.S. has followed all the rules, waited in line, done what they are supposed to do, etc.

This current series of raids are targeting from what I read bad guys. Criminal element and those street thugs that terrorize communities. And are illegal too.