Saturday, February 25, 2017

U.S. News & World Report: No White Men Need Apply to America’s Colleges and Universities (Photoessay)


Message: The white girls are both going to sleep with the black guy and have his children, while the handsome white guy is out of luck!

There are some pics of white females, but they are virtually always either alone, or in the company of other affirmative action groups

"3 Signs Online Ed Isn't Right for You": A pretty Hispanic female--the demographic that will save the American university!

"Scholarships for Science Majors": A black or mulatto female--she'll cure the common cold!

"Immigration Flap Could Boost College Costs": A raceless, faceless man, two racist white girls, and 85% of a man who might be white, and who also might be a homosexual

"Prep Wisely for the US History SAT": Yep, a Hispanic male is today's typical U.S. history scholar!

"States Try to Address Student Debt": The typical student buried in debt

"10 Scholarship Myths That Could Cost You": Homosexual Hispanic males, yeah!

"Life at Tuition-Free European Schools": What sort of "European school would have a clump of seven "diverse" students of three different races, none of whom is a white man? No way is this from a European university.

"Charter School Students Reveal College Hopes, Dreams and Fears": I have yet to see a picture of a white charter school student, male or female

"Colleges Where Students Want to Enroll"/"U.S. Naval Academy Trains Students for Success" (I saw the same pic accompanying both headlines a few hours apart): Pic is unrepresentative. The USNA must meet affirmative action quotas for females.

"Scholarships for the Physically Disabled": Finally, a place where "white males" are not marginalized, or "disappeared"--in propaganda photos depicting the handicapped!

By Nicholas Stix

I got these pics from the page for conservative, Great Books-oriented, St. John’s College, in Maryland, but U.S. News posted the same articles and propaganda pics on every college page.

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Anonymous said...

Always that way and has been for some time. Any time you see a billboard the ad which is for an institution of higher learning the image is always that of a minority of some sort as a student, a minority to include the young female of whatever race.