Sunday, February 12, 2017

Six Racist New England Patriots Players and Counting are Boycotting Visit to the White House

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The mooks in question are Alan Branch, Martellus Bennett, LeGarrette Blount, Dont’a Hightower, Devin McCourty and Chris Long. The first five names are racist blacks. Long is a white who claims he’s boycotting, because President Trump had criticized John McCain (Media-AZ), but I don’t buy it. I say he’s a white Uncle Tom, who jumped on the black bandwagon.

Recall that when Trump was running for president, he pandered shamelessly to blacks. A lot of good that did him.

Sixth New England Patriot announces he will skip White House visit
By Paulina Firozi - 02/10/17 08:22 A.M. EST
The Hill

A sixth player from the New England Patriots has announced that he will be skipping the trip to President Trump’s White House in the traditional visit following the team's historic Super Bowl victory.

Defensive lineman Alan Branch joins five of his teammates who have said they will not make the trip to the White House.

Branch did not specifically mention Trump in his decision but said in an interview with SiriusXM NFL Radio this week that he would stay home with his family instead.

“I’ve got four kids at home, so I’m just going to hang out with the family and continue celebrating until the next season starts,” he said.

Branch attended President Obama's White House celebration with the Patriots for the team's 2014 Super Bowl win, SportingNews reported. [Thus, he didn't attend the Obama ceremony because it was the traditional, White House ceremony, but because Obama is black. He's racist to the bone.) He joins a growing number of his teammates who have made the decision not to meet with the president to celebrate the team's win, despite the fact that Patriots owner Robert Kraft, team coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady are friends with Trump.

Of the five other Patriots players who have announced their plans, some specifically referred to a protest of the president.

“I don’t support the guy that’s in the house,” said tight end Martellus Bennett, the first to back out of the White House trip.

Running back LeGarrette Blount, defensive end Chris Long, linebacker Dont’a Hightower and defensive back Devin McCourty have also announced that they do not plan to attend.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Too bad, I was hoping that every black player would boycott and every white player would go to the White House. The media would have a field day with that one. Unfortunately, at least one white player has decided to boycott also. I think the racial makeup of the Patriots is about 1/2 white and 1/2 black, since most team the % of black players is more like 80% it would be more noticeable to the public that "there are a lot of white guys on the team". Of course, in the bizarro race hating white world we live in it would only give people more reason to hate the Patriots. It's actually true, the Pats are the most hated team:
There's all sorts of reasons given: They win too much, Deflategate and other cheating allegations but that's all a deflection. It boils down to race, like always.

Anonymous said...

Better look into these guys concerning Tom Brady's missing jersey.They don't seem like "teammates",if you catch my drift.
Long,is Howie Long's kid.I find it difficult to believe he'd get caught up in this anti-Trump stuff,but maybe the nigs brainwashed him.I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.
The rest need further investigation.Kraft and Belichek should move to that end.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Think of the upside: More photos with Trump for the white players. - Prince George's County Ex-Pat

Anonymous said...

Please stay away. Please do so. We don't want you around anyhow. Just run, jump and throw, go up and down a field after a ball. Do what you do best.

Anonymous said...

ONLY today some colored football players have turned down a trip to Israel. Said they were in solidarity with the Palestinian people. Against Israeli apartheid. Why would anyone even want to invite NFL thugs to Israel anyhow?

Anonymous said...

Haha imagine the OUTRAGE had any white players refused to visit Obama's White House after some team won the Stupid Bowl. Holee Sheeet there would have been heads on sticks and public crucifixions. This is nothing short of overt, open racism against whites. The longer it is tolerated and these racists are pandered to, the more emboldened they will become and the worse it will get. The people who will truly be paying for it will be your white children and grandchildren. If this anti white hatred is allowed to go unchecked, they will pay for it in blood.

The real reason the regressive left and most minorities are directing this vitriol toward Trump is not because of his opinions and policies, it is because he is WHITE. the left had this fvcked up idea that there would never be another Hetero White Male as POTUS. They planned to prevent it from ever happening again if they could. they would have accepted a white woman, after which probably Michelle Obama or some other black man or woman, then a Mexican, Asian etc. This was their plan and Trump shattered it. their hatred toward Trump is nothing less than pure bigotry because of his gender, orientation and skin color, yet the mask it behind vague, poorly constructed arguments about how they disagree with his stand on....well, they can't pinpoint anything other than immigration and the pussy grabbing quote. Even had that tape never surfaced, they would still be protesting and boycotting. It's all part of the war against the white race, and whites need to wake up and realize that they are in fact under attack. This is much more than simply politics.

Anonymous said...

Agree.Plus they want their government bennies and freebies not to get interrupted.The section 8 and Wik cards,the welfare.The majority of politicians look the other way,while blacks and Mex take over huge portions of cities--without a plan or response.Instead,as in Grand Rapids,a white flag is waved by officials allowing parts of the city to be sacrificed to the lowlifes.I took my mom for a ride yesterday to show her what minorities have done to block after block,mile after mile of formerly good neighborhoods.She was shocked and dismayed.She hadn't seen these streets in a while.This of course was during the day.The cops say not to go down some of those streets after dark.
The illegals say they've worked and contributed.I say,for every illegal in this country,there are 5 others connected to that first one.From what I've seen personally--they don't work,except at illegal activities.
Illegal begats illegal in my book.
--GR Anonymous