Thursday, February 09, 2017

John McCain: We Must Declare War on Russia!

Translation: We must go to war with Russia. And with every other "thug" running a government Conclusion: We must go to war with most of the world's nations.

Let’s see. On Election Eve and shortly after the election, who was relentlessly beating the drums for war with Russia, and then trying to bully Pres. Trump into making an enemy of Putin, and bringing about World War III?

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Anonymous said...

That guy needs to take a dementia test ASAP.
Just watched retired Admiral William Fallon talk about immigration on FOX.He seemed very pro-immigration.Here's a quote that makes me scratch my head:
"We need to keep allowing people in from other countries that will continue to improve our country."
Like Mexicans?Muslims?Have they improved it?Honestly?
Must be a progressive.
--GR Anonymous