Sunday, February 05, 2017

Why I am Rooting for the Patriots to Win the Super Bowl Tonight

By Nicholas Stix

It’s all racial. The war on Tom Brady is because he is a white man, who happens to be the greatest quarterback in the game today, and may be the greatest ever to play the game. Heck, he may be the greatest football player ever to play any position, period.

It’s been going for a few years now, including league president roger Goodell’s Deflategate hoax, which cost the Patriots two draft picks, including a first-rounder, and Brady millions of dollars when he was suspended for the first four games this season, based on Goodell’s lies.

Now, we even have a black supremacist adjunct (who falsely passes himself off as a “professor”) vilifying Brady for being friends with the President.


Anonymous said...

Incredible comeback and finish.The amazing thing that I noticed was the post-game interview with a calm,collected,intelligent Tom Brady--as opposed to blacks,strutting and screaming like banshees in similar situations.
This one will never be topped.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

I was sooo relieved when the Patriots won. - Prince George's County Ex-Pat

Nicholas said...


Like the Seahawks' Richard Sherman a couple of years ago. An operative at Forbes twisted himself into a pretzel, making excuses for Sherman, asserting that acting the fool was perfectly normal in such situations.

Nicholas said...


Me, too.

BTW, at the end of the game, when the winners were on the reviewing stand, I heard something that sounded like a chorus of boos. I figured I must be wrong. Who would anyone be booing? It turns out it was corrupt, PC commissioner, Roger Goodell.

jeigheff said...

Just like the presidential election! I went to bed, having no idea what would have happened when I woke up the next morning.

Anonymous said...

One team of negroes chasing another team of negroes up and down a field after a ball. With the token white playing now and then [Brady a rare exception]. Not interesting to me.

Anonymous said...

Great line from a viewer on FOX tonight,who wrote in:"Well Trump predicted New England would win by 8 and they only won by 6.I guess that means the media will say Trump exaggerated again."

Anonymous said...

Who Stole Tom Brady's Jersey?His black teammate is my guess...(and other news).
CBS "news" had their usual putdown of Trump pretty quickly (after New Orleans tornado headlines),saying Trump made more false claims of the murder rate.
"This,after his false claims yesterday,that the media is underreporting terrorist attacks",said Scott Pelley.
As noted here on this site,race is not reported anymore in black or Mex on white murder anymore.I strongly believe Muslim religion is not reported either.Compare that to a "white mass murderer" that was extensively reported on local TV today.This guy and his Mexican looking GF apparently has killed 3 to 4 women.
Whites get huge attention as mass murderers (as Jerrypdx notes as well),but I think the media is so pro-immigration,they DON'T report murders by Muslims here as terrorism,if they get reported at all.Also,gang killings by blacks MUST be recognized as mass murders as well--but are not.
Finally,Tom Brady has a lot of suspects in his locker room--his fellow nig teammates and their relatives with access,if he wants to know who stole his uniform.
Could be any one(or more) of them .
He broke the rule:Never turn your back on a valuable item with nigs in the vicinity.
---GR Anonymous