Tuesday, February 28, 2017

President Pence? One-Term Trump? Washington Post Claims that President Trump is Willing to Cave in and Surrender on Everything His Candidacy was Built on, and Call Amnesty a “Compromise”

By Reader-Researcher RC

Trump says he is open to immigration compromise that provides a pathway to legal status

It is the second time this year that Trump has suggested a willingness to work on a compromise bill.

R.C.: Ann Coulter needs to hammer this authoritarian buffoon.


Anonymous said...

No mention or sign of a softening in tonights speech.POTUS Trump was very generic in most of his subject matter--excepting infrastructure.I couldn't even call it a good campaign speech.Quite relaxed.Just heard his VOICE group mentioned.He still sounded very tough on criminal illegals.--of which there are plenty.
Didn't seem like a Trump speech in many ways,but I guess he had to tone it down a little for the nation.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Fake news from WAPO.DJT's spokesman(on immigration)was speaking afterwards,saying on FOX,"People were saying the President was going to soften the tone on immigration.THERE WAS NO SOFTENING,"he happily exclaimed.
It's almost like it's April Fools day all the time with MSM "news" stories.We have to learn to ignore them.
-GR Anonymous

jeigheff said...

I was reading about Trump's supposed softening on immigration on Breitbart, hoping to find a more reliable source. I also read people's comments; one person provided contact information for the president. So a minute later, I found myself writing my first letter to President Trump via email.

I was polite and supportive, but I requested that Trump not forget his campaign promises concerning legal and illegal immigration. I also admitted that I didn't know all the details of the current controversy, which I'm glad I did.

You're right, Anonymous. I've already ignored a couple bogus news stories about Trump, but I fell for this one.

Anonymous said...

NO softening. EVER! 2 million criminal aliens [at least]. NO mercy to them. And build the wall. A wall and not virtual or some such nonsense. NOW! And don't expect any of this to be done overnight. The crisis was DECADES in the making.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
As a followup to my email re the judge who helped an illegal escape ICE by letting him slip out a back door reserved for judges, the corruption runs deeper than I thought. Quote from this article:

"Williams said he, ICE and the Department of Justice's Office of Professional Responsibility in Washington, D.C., all ultimately agreed not to pursue a criminal investigation or a bar complaint against Herranz or anyone else who may have been involved in the Jan. 27 courtroom incident involving an undocumented immigrant man from Mexico, Diddier Pacheco Salazar."

This was after Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials approached him with concerns about one week after Multnomah Circuit Court referee Monica Herranz allegedly allowed an immigrant defendant in her courtroom to elude capture by federal agents. Apparently, ICE is not going to push it either. They're going to allow this Judge Herranz to get away with her incredibly unprofessional, unethical and illegal behavior. All levels of our legal enforcement divisions are complicit with this.

I sent this before but here is her picture again. She is very attractive:

Here is a picture of the mope she helped escape the courtroom:

Ugly SOB, I can't help but wonder if she just had the hots for him. I wouldn't be surprised, attractive as she is it's not unusual for women like her to be attracted to useless losers like this one.

Anonymous said...

And now your Ripley's "Believe it or Not "moment:
Lesta Holt on "NNN" tonight started the 2020 campaign by announcing who he (obviously)is for--Oprah Winfrey!!!
No endorsement,but a one minute report with a clip of Winfrey saying,'Well,I never thought about running,because I had no experience in government-and then 'you know who' won.Now I say--why not??"
Guess what?If she had run this year,the blacks would have pushed her over.
It's something that easily could happen unless Trump succeeds--and even then....
--GR Anonymous