Thursday, February 23, 2017

White Cop: ‘Get Off My Lawn’; Minority (Hispanic?) Gang-Bangers and Black Supremacist NBC Media Activist Lesta Holt, ‘We’ll Bury You!’

By Grand Rapids Anonymous

Minority kids attack white cop... Lester Holt makes it an effing headline—first story of the night—on Negro Nightly News, but twists it to make the cop look bad.

(CBS-LA) The Los Angeles Police Protective League says publicly available cellphone video shows the officer was physically assaulted by multiple individuals and sustained injuries in Tuesday’s incident.

The union says an officer has the right to self-defense no matter the age of the offender.

Dozens of people protested outside the officer’s home Wednesday night. The infractions attributed to the protestors were all misdemeanors and included failure to disperse, resisting arrest and battery on a peace officer, Anaheim police Sgt. Daron Wyatt said.

According to Wyatt, the officer has been dealing with local teens walking across his lawn, and the officer asking the teens to walk on the sidewalk Tuesday sparked the fight. Anaheim’s police chief Thursday cited insufficient evidence in the decision not to arrest an off-duty Los Angeles police officer who fired a weapon during an altercation with a group of teenagers.

In an afternoon news conference, Anaheim police Chief Raul Quezada said officers interviewed everyone involved in the skirmish, and arrested a 13-year-old boy on suspicion of making criminal threats after the off-duty officer alleged that the teen had threatened to shoot him.

The boy disputed that claim, saying he told the off-duty officer he was going to “sue” him.

Another teen was arrested for allegedly assaulting the officer during the struggle. Quezada said the off-duty officer, who has not been identified, was interviewed and his weapon was seized.

In all, nearly two dozen people were arrested after the confrontation between the off-duty officer and a group of teens occurred about 2:40 p.m. Tuesday near Euclid Street and Palais Road, according to police.

A forensics team Thursday searched for evidence at the home, which was later vandalized along with the officer’s vehicle.

GRA: Lesta's specialty. The minority thugs of the future are at fault, yet Holt plays it up as if it was a racist cop attacking poor Mexis. (Or black; who can tell?)

On top of everything, the cop’s home and car were vandalized, as was the next door neighbor’s—because the mob didn't know which house was the cop’s.

Why it was the lead story on a national “news” network escapes me, except for the obvious reason—and the correct one: Anti-cop, anti-white, pro-thug agenda.

Click goes the remote.

---GR Anonymous

Thursday, February 23, 2017 at 7:01:00 P.M. EST


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
If you needed any more evidence of Trump's heroism look no further. Just caught this story on the news:
I started scanning through various stories on this issue and this is the gist: Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull cut a deal with Obama to send the residents of their immigration detention centers to the US, Trump knew nothing about this and when he Turnbull brought it up in a phone convo Trump cut him off, called it a stupid deal and said he needed to study it more. All I could think was thank god for Trump, if Hillary was in charge those men on those islands would be on their way with 1st class accommodations.
I did some more research and discovered some interesting details. First off, I'm going to give Australia a shout out, even though they tried to pull a fast one on the US, using that racist dope Obama, they actually have the right idea in dealing with boat migrants.
Australia adopted a hard line approach that no one who tries to arrive by boat will be allowed on Australian soil but will instead be sent to detention centers on the islands of Nauru and Manus. Result is that the number of boat migrants have dropped to zero. However, there still is a large number of previously arrived boat migrants at the detention centers that Australia wants to get rid of. A little research on the demographics of these “refugees” reveals the usual facts. It’s mostly young men with a small number of women and children. I’ve found some different details regarding the deal with Obama, it sounds like Obama agreed to take all the “refugees” and in others the US would only accept a little over half. My guess it that Obama wanted to ship all of them to the US but now that he’s out of office there are some negotiations going on. A very large percentage are men from Iran, a country under Trumps travel ban.

Trump is being criticized for being less than “diplomatic” in his dealings with world leaders but why should he nice about accepting thousands of jihadi loving rapists in a deal he didn’t make? Obama made this deal without my consent, your consent and the consent of most Americans, most of whom I believe would be against it. Trump is standing up for America instead of being some kind of pantywaist trying to appease every world leader who tries to foist their problems on us. Thank you President Trump.

There is a suggestion in this article there was a deal for Australia to take some S. American refugees in exchange for the US taking the Muslim and African refugees. I’m not sure about that, I couldn’t find any more details, though I’d rather we took the S. American refugees.

Here is an article from Elise Foley Huffington’s “Immigrants and Politics Reporter”, I think I need another set of quotes for reporter on this one. It’s clear this “reporter” has a skewed liberal bias when it comes to immigration. She claims they are all escaping dire circumstances but doesn’t address why it’s only men.

Anonymous said...

"On top of everything, the cop’s home and car were vandalized, as was the next door neighbor’s—because the mob didn't know which house was the cop’s."

Gang retaliation. would only seem to suggest the cop was in the right all along. They were doing mischief to property. He pulled and fired his gun because he was being threatened by a mob. As Nicholas says, you do have the right to defend yourself. And now they took the cops gun away. Almost could be a death sentence.

Anonymous said...

Lecher Holt joins the offenders.