Thursday, February 16, 2017

Neo-Con Chameleon Bill Kristol on Immigration, over the Years

[Re: “NeverTrumper William Kristol, of the weekly standard: It’s the Most Wonderful Time for a Coup!”]

By David in TN

In the mid-Nineties, Bill Kristol said the Mexican “immigrants” were “Conservative Catholics” who would vote Republican, if they were catered to by the GOP. A decade later, Kristol's line was the GOP had to move left because of the increasing Hispanic vote.

N.S.: And he managed to be wrong both times! But Bill Kristol’s supposed to be so smart!


David In TN said...

Did you see the email I sent you today (Thursday) on this subject? It concerned two threads from the late Lawrence Auster's site.

Anonymous said...

My personal experience with Mexicans over the years is that although they seem friendly they are moochers. They will mooch off you if given the chance in a way that all but the lowest, lowest class normal American would be shamed of. The mooch off each other too. A queer Mexican at work took on another Mexican dude as a lover and suddenly all these Aunts and a brother showed up to live in his tiny apartment. He bitched on endlessly to the rest of us at work about his predicament and how he wanted them gone. Did a stint as a teenager helping the local Elementary School District Maintenance Staff fix up the schools during the summer. The white guy during the day was a good boss and a hard worker, we painted room after room, fixed the floors, etc. Then they had me help out the Mexican Janitor who worked the evening shift 3-11. As soon as everyone else was gone after dinner time he pulled up a newspaper and said we'd done enough, now just relax for the last 5 hours. Sure they might seem hard workers under American Management, but this forces out other American kids from learning whatever trade they are "working hard" in and advancing to be the next manager. Eventually one of them is in charge and suddenly nothing gets done and the place goes to crap just like in Mexico.