Saturday, February 11, 2017

Hispanic Illegal Alien Charged with Murdering Good Samaritan Hispanic American, but KPRC Gave Him a Chaperone, and Chopped His Name!


Bryan Rafael Rodriguez-Valtierra, Hispanic Male, DOB 05/27/98.
Charged with Murder.

Information Source
Lieutenant Scott Spencer

N.S.: That mug looks closer to 38 than to 18. Let me guess: 18 is the age on his fake ID, which was stolen from the real Bryan Rafael Rodriguez-Valtierra.

By A Texas Reader

Good Samaritan killed after trying to help stranded driver, officials say
By Ashlynn Turner - Content Editor
Posted: 2:25 P.M., February 11, 2017
Updated: 5:57 P.M., February 11, 2017 [KPRC]

A man accused of committing a murder in the parking lot of a Montgomery County restaurant is behind bars, officials said….

Rodriguez-Valtierra faces murder charges, and authorities say that because he is an illegal immigrant, he will be held by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency without bond….


Who’s this? He’s KPRC’s designated, white chaperone, a white felony defendant, whose pictures, including one mug shot, the channel prominently displayed at its Web site, in order to offset the photograph of Hispanic murder suspect, Bryan Rafael Rodriguez-Valtierra. KPRC also took the precaution of refusing to give Bryan Rafael Rodriguez-Valtierra’s full name, as an additional form of affirmative action. I had to go to Texas Police News, in order to find it. KPRC is thereby saying, ‘See, white people commit horrific crimes all the time, too!’

I first came upon the MSM’s practice of what I dubbed chaperoning at the Chicago Sun-Times. The chaperones are always white, or “white-enough.”

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Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
speaking of media evil...this just hit the news. A 17 yr. old negro named Quanice Hayes was shot today by police after he committed a robbery with a fake gun. Our local media has gone into overdrive anointing him with the mantle of sainthood. Check out these articles:

Not just one toddler picture of poor little Quanice but a picture with Quanice and his toddler brother! How does this work exactly? Does the media knock on the door and ask the family for baby photos of black criminals or do the families start digging and ship them off to the newspapers as soon as they have been shot (can you say ghetto lottery)? I really don't know. This is reminiscent of the 11 yr. old Treyvon Martin photo the media plastered all over the front pages, it's still the face of Treyvon Martin 99% of the US public remembers, a representative of the media claimed it was the only photo available form the family so they had to use it. Somehow nobody in the media had the internet savvy to look up his Facebook page and copy one of his own pictures he posted showing him at an adult size 17, counting money, flashing gang signs and calling himself no limit nigger.

Speaking of ghetto lottery. A Go Fund Me page has already been set up. It starts out by stating poor little Quanice was murdered by police and the family can't view the body (likely for legitimate legal reasons, if true, though these people lie through their teeth so you have to take claims like that with a grain of salt) his mom is now looking for housing with 4 other kids (why did you have so many kids you can't afford mom?).

One of our local TV "news" stations had to get in the action in this one. Saint Quanice had aspirations of going to college and playing in the NBA...the only one they seemed to have missed is "aspiring rapper", though I'm sure you could dig that one up somewhere also.

This farce gets played out every time a negro gets himself shot by cops in our town, and from what I've seen most media outlets play the game also with varying degrees of intensity. The only things that makes it bearable is reading the comments, 95% of the readers are calling out the local media on this sham, which is why many in the liberal community are pressuring the local media to start censoring comments. It's already happening on a moderate level but I believe it's going to be ramped up eventually to the point those kind of comments will not be allowed.

Of note: A white man was also shot by cops the same day. He didn't get the beautification by the media but got token mention in a police "conference" with the media. You know, a conference designed to appease BLM and liberal black crime apologists:

What the hell kind of a name is Quanice anyways?