Sunday, February 26, 2017

Is There Anything at CNN that isn’t Politicized, Treasonous, and Evil?

By Nicholas Stix

H.R. McMaster is now the National Security Advisor. (The position doesn’t require congressional approval.) President Trump named McMaster, after throwing his original and preferred choice, Mike Flynn under the bus, in order to pander to Trump’s MSM enemies, but which got him nothing!

CNN is exultant. The Communist News Network asserts that we finally have a “professional” as National Security Advisor.

The moment CNN praises anything Trump does, you know he’s screwed up. It’s that simple. That’s how deep the red network’s hatred for our commander-in-chief, and for America goes.

McMaster refuses to use the term “radical Islamic terrorism.” Like Neil Gorsuch, he’s sucking up to the racist, treasonous Left. That means he’s working for the wrong president. He thinks he serves not at the pleasure of the President, but of CNN, and its commie swine MSM comrades. Imagine the John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama” tolerating insubordination or insult from a National Security Advisor or Supreme Court pick. He, who publicly humiliated Supreme Court justices.

Either Trump is the commander-in-chief, or the treasonous, racial socialist alliance is. And that means that H.R. McMaster has got to go. Neil Gorsuch, too.


Anonymous said...

CNN,yes...but also most network programming is now calculated to force its liberal will on white America.
On the African Broadcast Company (ABC),who else could we expect but negress Robin Roberts,negro Michael Strahan and token white Lara Spencer hosting the pre-Oscar red carpet crappola.
Plenty of blacks that were nominated for them to talk to.Some black guy named Ali talking to Roberts,Halle Berry talking to Strahan(about how many blacks were nominated--and if it was enough).Then on to Strahan and black Janelle Monet.
So if you like NigTV,this was your cup of black tea.
A small microcosm of the daily relentless pounding of the black and Mexican viewpoint being allowed to replace whites.IT'S NOT EVEN 50/50!!!It's,"aren't blacks and hispanics wonderful?...24 hours a day."
From news to talk shows to programming--an overwhelming bias in favor of blacks and mex.
I still have it on,and fat blackie, Octavia Spencer talks to Roberts.Who cares?
The meeting at ABC must have been:"Let's get all the blacks on here to stuff down Trump's follower's and white America's collective throat."
To wrap everything up,black Viola Davis yammered a few lines to Strahan.This was all done consecutively--no whites allowed!!!
Amazing to watch...and a new low in Academy Award history.
Now all I need to see is Kimmell crack some anti-white jokes to make me reach for some Prilosec...and the remote.

--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

By the way,I have NO interest in any of the movies being honored this year,nor any of the black stars being put on a pedestal.My only reason to watch this mess,was to prove to myself,that it would be as horrific an assortment of political and racial rantings as I thought.If I can last through a portion of it,I'll give my opinion later.
Meanwhile,another blackie Naoimi Harris got on before the actual show.I'm definitely interested in seeing how Jimmy Kimmel plays it--after last years Chris Rock induced,miserably slanted show.I'm betting the host may have changed,but the writers didn't.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Rachel Dolezal is back in the news and using it as a forum for self pitying whining and blaming "whites" for her current life situation:

She is nearly homeless, broke and jobless. She says she has sent out over 100 job applications but no one will hire her. She claims it's white America getting vengeance on her for being a race traitor. This woman is as clueless as she is dumb. Let me explain something Ms. Dolezal: You lied about being black to claim benefits for blacks and to get a job you otherwise would not have been hired for, you lied to about being another race on public television for all the world to see. You have committed fraud, lied to your employers and misrepresented on many levels but still can't figure out why no one will hire you. You may not be genetically black but you share one characteristic with black Americans: An innate inability to take personal responsibility for your actions.

The job she fraudulently got was head of the NAACP chapter of her city. If Dolezal is an example of what it takes to be a leader in the NAACP, then maybe it explains why the NAACP such a mindless and racist organization.

I couldn't find any information on where the father of her biracial children is in all this. He is a black man and since he's not stepping up to the plate I'm going to assume he's doing what most American black men do: Findem Fuckem & Flee (lyrics to a rap song by racist rap group Niggers With Attitude). Seriously, if he were gainfully employed she and her children wouldn't be in this predicament, so he must be a deadbeat black father. Wow, another stereotype that Ms. Dolezal just had to reinforce, though I'm sure she has some rationalization that blames "whitey".

Maybe the black (husband? or just baby daddy)father decided this bitch wasn't worth the effort. He probably has a fetish for white women and all her efforts to look black physically have turned him off.

She also says in the article that race is a "social construct". Is that so? So how did jet black skin and black wiry hair get "socially constructed"? It all looks pretty physical to me. And how did the predilection for violence and rape endemic in the negro race get "socially constructed"? Besides, if race really is some kind of artificial social projection and doesn't, or shouldn't, really exist why is Ms. Dolezal so intent on being a specific race (namely negro)? I would think she would declare herself to be a non specific racial person. This woman is a psychotic bundle of contradictions.

Just for laughs check out this appearance she made on "The Real", the black equivalent of "The View":
She's clearly been in the tanning booth for hours and has a fake weave trying to look as black as possible. Not a good idea in a room full of actual black women and they definitely weren't having it, especially one of them, I think her name Tamar, she wouldn't let her off the hook.

Anonymous said...

It's 11:09 pm and I decided I couldn't watch 3 continuous hours of the Oscars.I watched "Columbo",with Shatner guest starring,in an episode from 1976.But I switched back and forth at commercials and never failed to see a black,Mex or Arab at the mike.I actually never saw Kimmel until 2 minutes ago,when he came on to introduce Samuel L
It'll be fascinating to read how many people tuned into the BET Awards show.I'm done.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Psycho...just like LGBTs.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Aniston,from "Friends",was the second white person I saw on the Oscars,introducing the segment of Hollywood deaths for the year.This at 11:23pm.Appropriate AND SYMBOLIC that a white would be asked to do the honors of showing Hollywood deaths,as whiteness essentially died this year at the Oscars,as well.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

I have to say that watching Rachel Dolezal in a room full of black women is one of the few times I'll root for the negroes when they're ganging up on a white.