Wednesday, February 15, 2017

How Harvard’s Laurence Tribe Came to be the Nation’s Most Respected Professor of Constitutional Law

By Nicholas Stix

He lies. And he lies. And he lies.

He lies about the Constitution. He lies about federal law. And he lies about precedent.

Note that when I said Tribe is the nation’s “most respected professor of constitutional law,” within the perverse universe of corrupt, racial socialist judges, law professors, and media operatives.

I saw Tribe a couple of days ago on CNN. I forget who the host was, but Tribe was on with former AG Michael Mukasey (from the end of the Bush II years).

Mukasey said, correctly, that the Ninth circus judges were granting American Constitutional rights to foreign nationals living on foreign nationals living on foreign soil, that universities were also promoting the fiction that they could confer rights, and that the courts were promoting the fiction that they had judicial review over matters that federal law, Congress, and precedent had granted were the President’s prerogatives.

Tribe then announced that Mukasey had been “a much better attorney general than he is a law professor,” and proceeded to lie about every matter that Mukasey had discussed. Thus, Tribe granted Constitutional rights to foreigners on foreign soil (which simultaneously entails the dilution or elimination of Americans’ Constitutional rights), and eliminated all presidential prerogatives.

If what Tribe was saying was true, the President would have prerogative, and the judiciary would be omnipotent.

But Tribe didn’t even believe his own words. He never challenged presidential prerogatives when “Obama” was president, and he won’t do so, when the DPUSA recaptures the White House. Laurence Tribe is a sophist.

Unfortunately, Mukasey was much too polite, and ignored Tribe’s lies.

Note, too, that the same Ninth Circus that has illegally blocked President Trump’s lawful presidential prerogative, in stopping foreigners from entering the country, is supporting the illegal, unconstitutional acts of “Obama,” in breaking the law on behalf of illegal aliens, even after “Obama” has left office, using the same rationale it has struck down, in Trump’s case!

Laurence Tribe has been silent on this outrage. Do not expect him to challenge the Ninth Circus on this matter.


Chicago guy said...

The least trusted people are politicians and lawyers. Judges are a combination of both so there's no real reason to believe they're some all-wise beings. They're political from the get-go. That's how they got there in the first place. Certain ones get a reputation for being pretty sharp and that might be true but it's in service to their career and their politics if that's what they care about. Mafia people can be pretty smart too. Does that make them good people?

Anonymous said...

To to the extent we have law professors in the country that are distinguished as best we can define distinguished, Professor Tribe is distinguished. However if he is the best, what does that say about the rest?