Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Disloyalty Oath: Overpriced, Brooklyn Restaurant Feels the Need to Tell Privileged Customers to Know that Its Bosses Hate Whites and Voted Against Trump, so It Tells Them so on Every Receipt


$46.54 for one brunch, without even the tip?! Racist, moal preening does not come cheap.

By Nicholas Stix

This is a form, of (dis)loyalty oath. On the racist Left, one must constantly show one’s hatred of whites, lest one be suspected of disloyalty. The current most popular form of expression of racism is showing hatred towards President Trump.

Being perceived as disloyal would start a whispering campaign, leading to one’s ruin.

At Young Conservatives.


Anonymous said...

Places that do this need to be boycotted and picketed. Hit them in the pocketbook where it hurts. Reverend Al would agree.

Anonymous said...

Yes,if you separate yourself from America,by stating you "are an immigrant",you have not assimilated.You
are not an American or a supporter of America.These are the same types of people that will cover up fellow immigrant's criminal activity(some terrorist).
This philosophy flourishes in California,where coddling of illegals
is applauded.Sanctuary cities go against the federal law,yet are embraced by the governor,mayors and representatives.
You can't have it both ways.By ignoring federal law,they have already seceded from this country.Mexico has basically annexed one of our states without a shot being fired by a Mexican soldier.
This is the blueprint of Islam as well,as they try to pour in here.
I read China is 91% Chinese.We used to be 90% white in our greatest years.China is smart--by not allowing their country to be diluted with foreigners.
Other countries,like ours,would be wise to pay attention.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
The killer of another young beautiful white girls has been arrested, this time it's a latino named Robert Fabian. No word on his citizenship status.
This Fabian character was her "boyfriend", astounding how many young beautiful white women feel so insecure they can only form relationships with these kind of ugly subhuman tools who lash out with violence at the slightest provocation. They always claim to not have realized what they were "really" like but that a load of BS, they know what these men are like, they just don't care, that's why they were attracted to them in the first place. A buddy of Fabian's, Christ Estrada, was also arrested for helping his bro hide the body. I guess it's bro's before ho's in the latino community.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Speaking of another subhuman, Chanel Lewis, the negro killer of Karina Vetrano, is now being revealed as a disturbed woman hating budding serial killer. Knock me over with a feather. Thankfully he has been caught fairly early, he is 20 years old, though I am uneasy about him receiving diversity consideration in his sentencing and being out young enough to continue murdering white women. I can't help but wonder if there are other victims but since he's black I doubt there will be much effort put into finding out. Note the picture when he's being led away. Is that a smirk on his face? Is that a sympathetic expression on the face of the black cop escorting him? After all, he understands the white bitch makes you do it coz' she a raiissist bitch who won't give it up to de black man.

Basso e Grasso said...

$13.00 french toast? I'll stay home and make spam and eggs for myself. If we don't eat pork, the terrorists win!

Anonymous said...

"I read China is 91% Chinese.We used to be 90% white in our greatest years.China is smart--by not allowing their country to be diluted with foreigners."

Almost all of the Oriental nations are that way. Homogeneous in nature. And not desiring to change and rather taking measures, severe often, to make sure IT STAYS THE WAY IT IS!1

Anonymous said...

Chanel is a man? A man? Chanel?

Anonymous said...

you too can pay over $3,000 a month to live above the restaurant.

Anonymous said...

Something like this is the type of thing only a liberal lefty would do.

Robb said...

Receipt probably should've read: "An immigrant spit in your food today, because they have no respect for you or your country."

Actually, I'm surprised anybody that would order a "Mimosa" and pay $13.00 for probably 2 or 3 slices of french toast would be offended enough to post this.