Thursday, February 16, 2017

“Sorry, that tweet has been deleted”: Twitter does not want people Spreading This Message (Graphic)

Every time I tried to RT or "like" the tweet above, I got the error message in my title.


Anonymous said...

If you're against liberals--on a liberal site,two things happen:
1)You must be exterminated.2)OR they'll allow one opposing viewpoint,for the sole purpose of an anti-Trump feeding frenzy.It's like "You Only Live Twice",I believe,that had the piranhas below a walkway for unsuspecting enemies to be eaten alive in seconds.
Same thing on WAPO,CNN,USATODAY and various other lib sites.Blofeld must run them all.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Free Americans need a new site. Twitter seems to be biased toward the left. How can we have freedom of speech when some bot or whatever is censoring your content? And by the way, define "sensitive content" and, more important, who determines just what that is? One mans trash is another man's treasure after all. Why doesn't Twitter release the list of words it flags? If it did we'd be more inclined to view them as being fair. Without transparency, it's a total crap shoot.

Nicholas said...

I doubt this has anything to do with a "list of words," or an "algorithm." Twitter's employees are their own Politburo, with Jack Dorsey's blessing. Same at Google, and Amazon reviews.