Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Video: Rep. Steve King to CNN’s Alisyn Camerota: “I think it’s a CNN narrative” that Russia Hacked the Election

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Anonymous said...

King is spot on.These MSM types DO smell blood.I think I saw fangs growing out of the mouth of the shill/anchor for CNN.Call her Vampira Camerota.It even
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Nicholas, have you seen McAfee's demolition of "the Russians did it"?
Anybody who believes that is guzzling the antifreeze.

"(T)here are four facts which they claim prove that Russia did this hack. It was utter nonsense. The information was number one – Russian language was found in the malware. Number two – a Cyrillic keyboard was used. The forensic science can now tell what type of keyboard was used to develop a piece of a malware,” McAfee told RT.

“Number three – the compiler, the piece of software that compiles the code so that it can execute, always dated time stamps. The time stamps were in a time zone for the business hours of Moscow and St. Petersburg and other places in Russia and the number four that the IP address pointed to a Russian address.”

To make it simple for the American audience, McAfee metaphorically explained the situation:

“Seriously, if Russia declared war on us because we hacked Russia and the head of the CIA and the intelligence committee came to the Congress and they ask him ‘What happened?’ – ‘Oh, well you know we didn’t have time to remove English language, we didn’t have time to move the date stamp, the guy could not use a Chinese keyboard, so we gave him our regular keyboard. And also there was my wife’s birthday so I could not remove the IP address.’”

“Please, that person would be scheduled for a suicide,” McAfee concluded."