Friday, February 24, 2017

Poverty Pimps Introduce $600 Million Plan to Subsidize and Get Out of Jail Free Chicago’s Black and Hispanic Muggers, Rapists, and Murderers, and Vastly Increase Graft for the Poverty Pimps

By Nicholas Stix

“Boys and Girls Club CEO Michael Johnson and other community leaders will introduce a $600 million 15-point plan to reduce violence while at the Chicago Police Department headquarters Thursday.”

Some of the wish list items are duplicates, so they are separated by other wishes, in a pathetic attempt to fool readers.
Providing mental health therapy for families
Providing court advocates for low-income individuals 25-years-old and younger
Building new community centers in targeted neighborhoods
Funding robust functional family therapy programs
An increasingly dwindling white net tax base has been paying for such programs for 52 years, yet the results have always been the opposite of what has been promised, and the price tag keeps going up.

However, anyone who points this out is destroyed, the media hushes everything up, and Republicans have been more clever than courageous in papering over the increasing criminality of the black and Hispanic criminal classes through fakestats and, now, supporting get-out-of-jail-free cards for colored felons.

In 2014, the Heritage Foundation’s Robert Rector estimated that the federal government had spent $20.7 trillion in 2011 dollars ($22.35 trillion, in 2017 dollars) on so-called anti-poverty programs, mostly for blacks, but Rector always lowballs his figures. Plus, he didn’t count other costs in the trillions that blacks levied on whites through affirmative action, crime, and by destroying the property values of millions of whites’ homes, so that they ultimately were forced to sell at a loss, or just desert them, unsold, and flee racist black terror.

In addition to pauperizing whites, these programs encourage black criminality by rationalizing it as positive, and encouraging the murderous racism that their clients already have.

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Chicago guy said...

The poverty pimps always hold out the promise of delivering results which never arrive. The homicide rate is just another opportunity for them. Their real solution is to get some money and move themselves far away from their supposed homies. Works for them.

Anonymous said...

Chicago began going downhill over seventy years ago. Began with the end of WW2 in 1945.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
They started doing that back in the 70's and 80's here in the PNW, particularly my hometown of Portland. They (you know crusading liberals), had the bright idea that if they started shipping youthful negroes "at risk for gangs" to mellow Portland, which had almost zero gang issues previous, and surrounded them with white hipsters, that they would escape the gang culture and grow up into upstanding citizens. I still remember the media running regular news stories about it. You'd see a front page feature with a beaming 240 lb. Urethra and her 16 yr. old "sweet li'l boy" (6' 2" 200 pounder) thanking some social service agency for helping them relocate to Portland, that way li'l ole Leroy could grow up safe and sound away from those terrible gang influences.

Anybody want to guess how that turned out? Portland ended up becoming the hub of child sex and drug trafficking. After all, it's a key route between Seattle, Canada and California. And all those sweet li'l boys? You see their faces most everytime there's a mass drug or child sex trafficking sting. Didn't take them long to figure out that Portland was relatively unexploited territory to expand gang activity. So basically, moving them away from their homies doesn't do squat, they simply become their own homies with less competition.

I haven't seen one of those stories for years now because the gang problems in Portland have gotten so bad that shipping Latrinius or Dumbtavious here doesn't get them away from gangs anymore, it just brings them closer. Nobody ever says Portland is a safe town to bring your black child to anymore, we have too many shootings, maybe as much as places like Detroit or Chicago (per capita relative to the negro pop. that is) I could have told those idiot "crusading liberals" what was going to happen if they started shipping teenage negro males en masse to Portland but they never would have listened, just called you racist for saying it.

Anonymous said...

ONLY today in the Chicago Tribune they have an article that the increasing level of escalation among the Spanish speaking street gangs. Taken to using assault rifles now instead of just hand guns. Cops are outgunned and the local communities either complicit with the gangs or just terrified. NO amount of money is going to help the problem.