Monday, February 27, 2017

Lester Holt’s Negro Nightly News May be Harmful to Your Health

By Grand Rapids Anonymous

Tonight's NNN couldn't go a day without the anti-white agenda being unleashed again. A story of a white guy, who shot two Indians (from India) while yelling, "Get out of my country."

Lesta loves to bullhorn the white crimes-in fact if you watched NNN, you'd assume these things are true:

1) Only Whites commit heinous crimes;
2) White policemen attack unarmed blacks for no reason; and
3) No blacks commit any crimes that are newsworthy.

The agenda is ongoing and relentless.

Watch at your own risk.

Side effects include: irritation and indigestion (it's close to supper), and will be triggered on a daily basis. Some people may experience a jump in blood pressure, or a need to reduce the volume. Earaches and headaches have been known to occur. Consult your doctor if your facial muscles begin to twitch, or acid reflux becomes an issue. These may be signs of a severe allergic reaction to the Negro Nightly News.

The Negro Nightly News, by the makers of Meet the Press—the same people who hired Nick Cannon.

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