Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Video: Didn’t This Swedish Police Chief Get the Memo from the Prime Minister? He Says Swedish Women are in Continuous Danger at Night of being Raped by Raceless, Faceless, “Completely Sober” Men!

By Nicholas Stix

“Completely sober” will be the next phrase forbidden by the commissars as a “racist code phrase,” since it gives away that the rapists are Moslem rapefugees.

However, based on my experience with Arab Moslems in West Germany, I have faith that the Moslem “immigrants” in Sweden will soon assimilate to Swedish rapist norms, and get good and drunk before gang-raping pale, Christian, Swedish beauties.

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Anonymous said...

The Nordic countries have different definitions of what constitutes rape. Date rape is not categorized as criminal rape. Drunken rape is also not categorized as criminal rape. Rape of a criminal nature as committed in Oslo during one recent year were ALL [100 %] COMMITTED BY FOREIGN NATIONALS. Not all rape but criminal rape!!