Sunday, February 12, 2017

New York Times Operative Finds New Way to Call Steve Bannon a Nazi!

By Nicholas Stix

Someone once called songwriting “a million ways to say ‘I love you.’” Well, MSM propaganda today consists of finding a million (or maybe just two or three endlessly repeated) ways of calling those on your enemies list, “Nazis.”

It seems that Steve Bannon once said something nice about an Italian philosopher who “influenced” what morphed into Fascism (then spelled Facism). And since “Fascism” is synonymous with Nazism, that makes the philosopher, Julius Evola, and anyone who cites him favorably, a Nazi! Ergo, Steve Bannon is a Nazi, Pres. Trump is a Nazi, Teump voteers are all Nazis…

By the way, the racist Left recently coined a new insult against Pres. Trump. They speak of “President Bannon.” Thus, the same people who, until about last week referred to Trump as “authoritarian,” “fascist,” etc., now refer to him as impotent.

Being a racial socialist means never having to say you’re sorry, except to colored cut-throats.


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Baloo said...

You left out the people who voted against Trump, but who are willing to give him a chance. They are Nazis too, of course :)