Sunday, February 05, 2017

Another Happy Ending in Houston! Two Raceless Men Tried to Rob 70-Year-Old Barbecue Store Owner; Now, One of Them is Dead

By A Texas Reader

Two men tried to rob the store owner as he was getting into his car, police said. The owner, who is in his 70s, fought back.

Police: store owner opens fire on robbery suspects, killing one

A store owner opened fire on two suspected robbers, killing one, police said.

N.S.: Apparently unbeknownst to gun-grabbers, this sort of thing happens all the time in Texas. A bad guy (usually black) tries to rob somebody (not necessarily white) with a gun, but the mark takes him out with his own gun. On second thought, maybe the gun-grabbers do know about it. When they go on the warpath, they—including the MSM—list and/or describe such glorious self-defense shootings as “gun violence,” and the perps as “victims.”

Without that gun, the victims would all end up robbed, and many of them would end up dead. And that’s why white racial socialists, black supremacists, and reconquistas support the violation of the Second Amendment protection of the right to keep and bear arms.

There were some wonderful, sardonic reader comments.

Sal Gambino to R.D. Mercer • 2 hours ago

There are three things you can't give some people.

1. Fat lip
2. Black eye
3. Job

Rory Kasel to Whut • 8 hours ago

"Who was that oxygen-masked man?"

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