Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Jews and Chinese, and Their Fatal Attraction to the DPUSA

[Re: “Is an American Holocaust Still Inevitable, in Spite of Donald Trump’s Political Miracle?”]

By Jesse Mossman

As for the Jews—think Chinese. And as for the Chinese—think Jews. Both put a high value on education and lucrative professions for their children. The Chinese are called "the Jews of Asia," but Thomas Sowell wrote that actually the Jews should be called the "Chinese of Europe." Both groups are hated for their success by the underclasses. Both groups would seem to be natural allies of white conservatives interested in a free and safe society. Unfortunately, both groups heavily vote for leftist Democrats. Although it is widely known that marriages between white men and Asian women are common, I think marriages between white Jews and Asian women make up a large percentage of these. Apparently they find they have similar values. Will both groups ever wake up and start putting their talents and money to work for our team instead of Obama's? Perhaps part of the problem is so many years in universities getting brainwashed by leftist professors?

N.S. responds:

“As for the Jews—think Chinese.”

I’m a Jew married to a South Asian woman. Other Jews I know are married to East Asian women. (I almost went that route.)

However, I also know gentile men who married East Asian women. The common denominator is that the men are all very high IQ.

As for Jews and East Asians voting DPUSA… ‘tis a puzzlement!

Jesse Mossman responds:

I am not a Jew, but I am married to a Chinese woman. Fortunately I determined that she was not a leftist before things went too far—she is currently an enthusiastic Trump supporter. Perhaps her mind was spared because she graduated from a European music conservatory with several diplomas and so did not suffer from the relentless brainwashing she would have received if she had obtained a liberal arts degree in America. It wasn't just her high intelligence which attracted me—we share values in every area except food—she is completely assimilated and regards herself as an American. If all immigrants were like her immigration would not be a problem (other than excess population growth).

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Anonymous said...

Jews in America suffer from excessive and misplaced sentimentality. They see the latest wave of so called immigrants [illegal aliens] as being as their kin folk was over one hundred years ago now. For the most part the most recent immigrants [illegal aliens] hate Jews. Jews always fight city hall, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Which is it today?