Sunday, February 05, 2017

Ann Coulter: Der Spiegel, President Trump, and the Statue of Liberty



Chicago guy said...

The media are engaging in a constant propaganda barrage 24/7. Television news, always bad, has become unwatchable. I want to just get an idea of what the body count might be on any given day but have to sit through all the anti-Trump stories. Der Spiegel has to get in on the action one supposes. I guess America needs additional no-go zones along with the ones we already have.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
An arrest has been made in the rape murder of Karina Vetrano, the young woman attacked and strangled while jogging. "Details about the subject were not immediately available". Well folks, we know what those code words mean. Yet another rape and murder of a beautiful young white woman at the hands of a violent sexually deviant negro. DNA has linked the suspect to the crime so it's pretty much a slam dunk for this guy. There was a composite sketch of a "person of interest" that clearly showed a black man, though nowhere in the article does it say "black", nor does the media anywhere that I've seen mention the likely perp was black. Media evil at work again:

Comments in the MSN article, as usual, are more interesting and have more truth than the actual article, except for the negroes and white liberals who spout their usual lies. One commenter actually posted the suspects name: Chanel Lewis. Another commenter, a 300 lb. Shaniqua type who goes by the name Janice Holt thinks it's just reparations that the media withholds descriptions of negro crime suspects.

Anonymous said...

The M.O. at my local TV station has changed since they placed gigantic(350lb) Negro Leon Hendrix as a weekend anchor.They(WOODTV) used to name race for suspects wanted,but he began to leave out race,even as they showed a surveillance pic of the obvious nig.That policy seems to be getting adopted by the regular white anchors as well.There must be some pressure put on by Hendrix to avoid naming blacks,because it's definitely changed.
Another local station tries to be more law and order.It's all in the philosophy of the station manager I guess.