Sunday, September 04, 2016

When You’re Black, Life is a Win-Win Proposition: First, You Chase Automakers Out of Detroit, and Then Out of the Country; Now, Donald Trump is Pandering to Black Voters in Detroit, to Reward Them for Their Evil, and Exact “Retribution” Against Automakers for What Blacks Have Wrought!



By Reader-Researcher RC

“Detroit — Donald Trump says his proposed tariff on Mexican-built vehicles and parts would serve as ‘retribution’ against Ford Motor Co. and other automakers that move production south of the border.”

Trump: Tax on Mexican-built cars seeks “retribution”

"Donald Trump said his proposed tariff on Mexican-built vehicles would be 'retribution' against automakers that move jobs..."

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Anonymous said...

ABC news just reported,that Hillary had a five minute coughing fit on stage today,while campaigning in Ohio.
Phlegm at 11.
--GR Anonymous.
(Not bad--right?)