Thursday, September 08, 2016

The Qualifications for being a Great White Defendant

By Jerry PDX

1). He must be white;
2). He must not be a black or Hispanic;
3). He preferably should come from an upper-income family;
4). He must be white;
5). He preferably must have committed some kind of sexual offense. That is preferred, because it camouflages the enormous disproportion of non-white sexual offenders;
6). He is preferably pasty white;
7). He can't be a hideous-looking negro;
8). He must be photogenically white;
9). He can't be an ugly Hispanic; and, did I mention?;
10). Above all. He must be white.

The reason why I'm sending this again, is that I went to MSN the other day and was greeted by the face of Brock Turner, the notorious (white) Stanford raping machine. His heinous act has been on heavy media rotation through most of this year now, right after that other monster's story, (white) Owen Labrie petered out. Of course, the majority of school rapists are black men, and most of their victims are white girls, but there is a glaring double standard in how the stories are covered by the media. Basically, when they find a viable “Great White Defendant,” all mainstream media services keep their stories in our faces 24/7 for great lengths of time, all designed to make the face of school rape a white face. Here are examples of the difference between black rapists and white ones:

A white University of Oregon student, Brenda Tracy, was gang-raped by three black basketball players, but the school covered for them and they never served any jail time. Yet, the world is howling about Brock Turner's “light” sentence:

Eighteen-year-old black man Jacori Scarborough rapes a 15-year-old girl in a school hallway. Thankfully, he was actually convicted, though I wonder how much time he'll actually serve. Note in the article, the courtroom audience broke out in loud sobs when he was convicted. All the blacks in the audience, anyway. Type in his name in google; virtually the only mainstream news service that ran the story was USA Today, though I don't know if the story made the newsprint edition. I doubt it. So where is CNN, Turner News, MSN, AOL etc...? They are all there for the Brock Turner and Owen Labrie stories.

Of course there are many more stories of black rapists we just don't see in headlines. We see the local stories, but they just don't get to the national stage, unless it's a Jameis Winston type of athlete, then the story might get some national coverage. Of course, Winston didn't get charged or convicted of anything, yet the howls of outrage that Brock Turner received for his “light” sentence were non-existent in Winston's case. Yet another example of racist double standards in our media and society.

Here's a couple of links to the Labrie and Turner stories. Not that they're needed. We've seen the headlines; you can't avoid them. Just type their names in google and the mainstream headlines come roaring out:

I'm not making excuses for Labrie or Turner. If they did the deed, then they should be punished. I'm just counter the attempt by the media to portray only white men as getting “light” sentences for sexual offenses. Simply not true.


David In TN said...

There's a slew of TV programs on the 1996 Jon Benet Ramsey murder on the way. On Friday Night there will be a two hour NBC Dateline on the subject. CBS begins a series on September 18.

Right after the body was found, the Boulder, Colorado police decided Jon Benet's parents had killed her and tried to build a case against them. It took 12 years for the local District Attorney to "exonerate" them.

DNA was found on Jon Benet's undergarment which did not match any family member, including her 9-year old brother (whom some thought was the killer).

The Boulder cops and the MSM thought the Ramseys were the perfect Great White Defendants. They fit the above parameters.

Remember the 1975 Marcia Trimble murder in Nashville, Tennessee, sort of the Jon Benet Ramsey murder of Tennessee? And the trial of the DNA-identified killer in 2009? The killer turned out to be a Black Muslim named Jerome Barrett.

The DNA in Jon Benet's murder may eventually be linked to the killer. It might not be a Great White Defendant. You never know.

Anonymous said...

And weren't the Duke Lacrosse boys just the perfect "Great White Defendants"? It was an obviously bogus case from the get go but got more media attention than all the negro rapists of white women for the last 50 yrs. combined.