Thursday, September 15, 2016

Lester Holt’s Predictable News Priorities, on NBC Nightly News

By Grand Rapids Anonymous

I could post something under this category every damned day for Lesta Holt's "Negro Nightly News."

I'll skip politics today, since Andrea Mitchell told us "healed" Hillary sounds great, and feels great. (Sounds like Billy Crystal as Fernando Lamas... [chuckle].)

Good to know, since Mitchell has assured us all year of Clinton's being the picture of health.

Off to what Jerry PDX would get teed off about... a big Negro News report on a 40-year-old white man, Shawn Grate—who had kidnapped a woman—and thanks to her 911 call, was found and arrested in an abandoned Ohio home. Police found two bodies in the house, as well.

Question: If he was black, would Lesta have reported it? No doubt about the story being dramatic, but the question still remains—especially since I've seen very few black crime stories reported on his watch.

Also no doubt, that this next one would be reported by Lesta—and it was—as he told us about a Columbus, Ohio, 13-year-old black, who pulled a bb gun/lookalike police gun, on a cop and was shot dead. Dismay from Lesta on this accidental shooting, but this kind of story never gets by our racist anchorman. As predictable as ever.

Lesta must walk into the newsroom and say, "What do we have today for white cops shooting blacks, or white guys committing horrible crimes?" Today, that must have made his day.

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Anonymous said...

I had to make a quick comment on Donald J Trump appearing on "The Tonight Show",Thursday evening.He was great.It's possible even Hillary will vote for him after a very humorous,affable,easygoing 30 minutes.A couple jokes,while he was being "job interviewed" by Fallon,were quick and well done.
"What made you decide to try for the presidency,Mr.Trump?"
"I was looking for a job that would cause me to take a huuge paycut",said Trump to loud laughter.
Fallon asked,"What will you do if you lose the election?"
"I'm going to try to take over as host of "The Tonight Show",Trump said.
Then came the ruffled hair bit,that said a lot about Trump's sense of humor,because after Fallon was done,Trump looked like a sheepdog--that had been in a windstorm.Great audience reaction.You really couldn't help but see-he's the real deal.
---GR Anonymous