Tuesday, September 06, 2016

See Hillary Clinton’s Second Violent Coughing Fit Yesterday, Aboard Her Plane—but All Questions About Her Health are a Conspiracy Theory! Just Ask CNN!

[Previously, at WEJB/NSU, on a previous Hillary Clinton coughing fit the same day:

“‘Conspiracy Theory’? Watch This Video of Hillary Clinton Suffering a Two-Minute-Long Coughing Fit Yesterday During a Stump Speech, and Tell Me She isn’t a Sick Woman; Not to Worry—NBC Nightly News and MSNBC News Covered for Her.”]

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David In TN said...

Hillary's supporters will probably call drawing attention to her coughing fits "Coughism."

Anonymous said...

Quick round of "Jeopardy".
The category is "Marijuana Symptoms"
For $200:
"The city you forget after smoking too much marijuana"
"What is Aleppo?:
Gary Johnson,a pro weed guy--showed