Thursday, September 22, 2016

Supporters of the Late Keith Scott Can’t Keep Their Lies Straight!


David In TN said...

Someone who claimed to be the late Mr. Scott's brother said on TV "White Devils" are to blame. The cop who shot Scott is black, and the mayor and chief of police are black yet "White Devils" are to blame.

Let's see, white devils, where have we heard that term before? And in what case of serial mass murder?

Anonymous said...

White cops wearing "blackface"?Like Ted Danson used to do...
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Lying under oath during a capital case is itself a capital case in some locales. They need to remind these "witnesses" of this fact.

Anonymous said...

So a new video by Keith Scott's wife is released today.Video cameras are always ready to roll now in the ghetto.That's mandatory,in order to try to win the black lotto.
So let's play "Black Lottery"(applause)Hello,welcome everyone,for another in a neverending series of attempts,by negroes, to win fraudulent millions from your hometown city.Today,we're in Charlotte N.C,with a Mrs. Scott.Are you ready,Mrs.Scott?
Well,let's roll the tape.
Okay,a lot of swearing,telling the police,""he don't have no gun",but the police--more than one--SEE a gun,one he's not supposed to have.
"He has a brain injury",that's not too reassuring.What's he driving for?
"DROP THE GUN",heard several times.
"He better not be dead,I'm recording this".
Oops,I hear a buzzer...we don't have a winner here.I'm sorry Mrs.Scott,but your video doesn't show anything incriminating.You won't win the black lottery,but you can try again--with another family member in the future.Thanks for playing...and remember,you can't win--if you don't play.
Goodnight everybody.(applause)
--GR Anonymous