Saturday, September 17, 2016

Terrorist Attack in Seaside Park, New Jersey: Pipe Bomb Explodes at Scheduled 5K Charity Run by Marines, for Families of Wounded and Killed Marines

By Nicholas Stix

It was 9:30 a.m. The schedule was for people to be running by at that time, but the start was delayed, due to registration. The terrorist sought to kill scores of people, but the delay and a misfire saved the day. Reportedly, there were at least three bombs wired together, but only one went off, and no one was nearby.

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Anonymous said...

Good news...the bombs misfired.
Bad news:More nutcases out there.I was listening to WBBM 780,as I like to do on occasion.The amount of black on white crime in a 10 minute span,was treated as a normal day.No murders,but blacks robbing elderly whites were numerous.
One man,a 71 year old Italian,Frederico La Guardia,was robbed a week ago,while watering his lawn,by 2 black thugs.He was assaulted and shot-but not killed.It was all captured on surveillance cameras,and finally,the suspects were IDed and arrested.Googling Chicago Tribune site shows the video.
Said LaGuardia,"This never used to happen in Marquette Park".
So true a statement,for so many areas of our country where blacks have invaded.
-GR Anonymous