Friday, September 30, 2016

Meet Andrew Spieles, the Young Virginia Democrat Who Registered 19 Dead People to Vote for Hillary Clinton

By Reader-Researcher RC

Andrew Spieles had big plans to "help" Hillary win the key swing state of Virginia with a little help from some dead voters...except he got caught...oops.

At Zero Hedge.


Anonymous said...

Has weasel Comey given him immunity candy yet? That seems to be the FBI motif operandi when dealing with crooked dems.

sam To said...

Comey is as criminal as Holder. Why hasn't this Spieles been charged yet? I think I'll take up registering hundreds of Trump voters since there are no consequences to be paid.

sam To said...

The FBI... what a joke. We may as well live in Nicaragua or Venezuela when it comes to the Federal government and Obama/Clinton cronies/

sam To said...

Comey should share a jail cell with Holder and Lois Lerner.