Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Texas: Body of Murdered Man Found Along Garland's Duck Creek

By A Texas Reader

"Garland police say the body of a man found below a bridge near Duck Creek, along Walnut Street at Brookside Drive, showed signs of trauma."

At CBS News/Dallas-Fort Worth.


Anonymous said...

Blacks Rioting in Charlotte
FOXNews broke in at 115am to show video of more grist for Lesta Holt...white cop shoots armed black (says the police)or an unarmed black (says the blacks).Rioting ensues.Police injured.

Anonymous said...

In Charlotte,it appears a black cop shot the black perp.Now dey's gonna riot ovah dat too?
Maybe the truth is the blacks don't want anyone(black OR white cop) interfering with the crime scene they are immersed in.Of course it helps the liberal narrative,when whitey does the shooting.What will Lesta say tonight?

Anonymous said...

(Heavy)Rioting and unrest erupted in Charlotte, North Carolina over the police shooting of father of seven Keith Lamont Scott, intensifying throughout the night as fires were set, trucks looted, and officers wounded.

The outrage – which led to the injuries of at least a dozen officers, one by a rock – was fueled, in part, by a dramatic and expletive-laden video that Scott’s daughter, Lyric, streamed on Facebook Live immediately after the shooting, in which she claimed police shot her father because he was black.

Scott’s brother said on video that all white people are f–king devils, although the officer who shot and killed Scott was also African-American.
GRA:Negroes never let facts stand in the way of starting a good riot.
--GR Anonymous