Monday, September 19, 2016

See President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton Perform in Hillary Gump (1995 Gridiron Dinner Video)

Shortened Version that Beats the Full-Length One


The Full-Length Version—Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You!

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jerry pdx
I caught this headline on Fox news and it turns out that the largest group of emigrants to the US are now Myanmar refugees. Interesting, it has received very little news coverage, all the attention is focused on Syrian, Afghani, Muslims in general.
Now, I am generally not too negative toward immigrants from SE Asia, unlike so many African and Middle Eastern immigrants, they bring a stronger work ethic that carries on through subsequent generations (particularly blacks who might have it initially but don't take long to learn from American ones) and seem to be actual families with a fair balance between male, female, young and old, they do not seem so heavily skewed toward just the young male demographic, plus, the Hmong notwithstanding, they do not bring the high levels of crime, particularly sexual assault, as black and middle eastern men do, or latin American males for that matter. There are some issues with crime of course, but I don't think it's any higher than white crime levels, if anything it's less. I recall reading some stats indicating there might be higher levels of teenage gang activity than among young whites but it's still far lower than blacks and latino/hispanics.

All that being said, there has always been potential for immigrants from an area like Myanmar but US policy is now actively pushing it. You always know when you see a bump in immigrant numbers from somewhere then there is something going on economically that we are interested in. I've spotted articles about how Myanmar is opening up to the West economically so US policy is to "court" them by shipping lots of them over to this country. Does this really dispose a regime like in Myanmar to favor the US in trade? I don't know, but even though the US has been doing it since forever I'm doubtful it really has that much effect on getting trade treaties signed, but more to do with a tradition of high immigration rates and putting people in positions of power who have "diversity" ideals that they want to force on the rest of us. While I do not get as angered with SE asians being shipped over here en masse, it's still social engineering being done without our consent.