Friday, September 16, 2016

The Nine Pillars of Journolist 2016: CNN Continues to Peddle “Conspiracy Theory,” Leaving No Doubt that It Fanatically Supports Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

By Nicholas Stix

A little after 1 p.m. today, on Wolf Blitzer’s show, first Dana Bash and then Gloria Borger asserted that Donald Trump supported a “conspiracy theory.” (Bash had previously tried to look professional, but now, with her candidate desperate, she has taken off the gloves.)

They were talking about Birtherism, but leftwing CNN activists—if you’ll pardon the redundancy—have been repeating the phrase, “conspiracy theory,” regarding Trump as a framing device for weeks, regardless of context. They are trying, via constant repetition, to put the idea in voters’ heads that Trump is insane.

Brian Stelter and Kate Bolduan were the first CNN activists that I heard do it mockingly, two or three weeks ago, in response to questions that were raised about Hillary Clinton’s health. They desperately sought to mock the issue out of existence.

Stelter also rolled his eyes, and called Breitbart News “so far to the right that it practically falls off the map.” I’ve never heard anyone at CNN say that any person, organization, or media outlet, is “so far to the right that it practically falls off the map.”

Then alleged journalist Gloria Borger asserted (today), regarding Trump’s disavowal of the “Birtherism” he once supported, “You can’t erase history with one sentence.”

CNN then showed a clip of Hillary Clinton saying, “You can’t erase history.”

Neither I nor anyone else in my house heard Borger say she was merely quoting Hillary Clinton, as opposed to stating her own opinion.

Bash and Borger were saying today that Trump can’t simply put the Birther matter to rest. Why not?

On July 29, when the Clinton Campaign, the DNC, and the racial socialist MSM pulled the Khan-Con, with Pakistani Khizr Khan, whom Theodore and Walid Shoebat exposed as a jihadist and Muslim Brotherhood agent (the terrorist group that birthed al Qaeda), sharia-supporting, immigration scam lawyer baiting Trump from the floor of the Democratic Convention, and all over the media thereafter, and Trump defended himself, the MSM, Clinton spokesmen, and never-Trumpers all denied that Trump had any right to defend himself. Reconquista, Affirmative Action Republican Ana Navarro hysterically screamed to an absent Donald Trump on CNN, “Just shut up!”

The Khan-Con: The July 29 DNC Speech


Oh, yeah. That’s the way to get elected president. Don’t campaign, or speak on your own behalf, and follow the “advice” of those who seek to destroy you.

Trump was right to criticize Khan, including pointing out that Mrs. Kahn stood mum at the podium, while her husband vilified Trump at the DNC, because that was her role in Islam. But no one would publicly support him. (After Trump said that, Mrs. Khan vilified him, but she was again just following her husband’s orders, under sharia.) His campaign advisors, including his kids, let themselves be conned by relentless concern-trolling assertions by his enemies, that if he would just drop the Khan-Con, and “apologize” (for what?), all would be forgiven.

Khizr Khan is exactly the sort of person who should never have been permitted to enter the United States, and who should be deported, along with his wife. Why his son honorably served in our armed forces, and died in action, I do not know, but I suspect that he did so without the blessing of the same parents who have ruthlessly exploited his (not their!) sacrifice.

Meanwhile, Trump’s poll numbers dropped, but were those real numbers, or push-poll numbers? And if the numbers were real, were people souring on Trump, due to the relentless Journolist campaign, asserting that he had made “mistake” after mistake, a campaign which could have easily been knocked out, if the Republicans who had sworn an oath to support him, had honored their word, and counter-punched on his behalf?

So, he apologized, and his enemies, who had demanded that he drop the matter, themselves instead on bringing up the Khan-Con for weeks.

The notion that “Gold Star Families” are above reproach is garbage.

The Khans are political opportunists who support terrorism (if you support sharia, you support terrorism), and who took cheap shots at Trump. They entered the political arena as operatives, and must play by the rules of the game. But they cheated, and gladly made themselves of use to Trump’s enemies.

Heck, I’d never before heard the terms “Gold Star Fathers” or “Gold Star Families.” There was only “Gold Star Mothers,” as I heard my Nana (1893-1976) say about mothers who had lost their sons in The War. And being a “Gold Star Mother” was like being Caesar’s wife. You had to be above suspicion; not a political hack.

Apologizing to your enemies never works.

The notion that Republicans are paranoid conspiracy theorists goes back to the time of Senator Joseph McCarthy (R-WI). “Tailgunner Joe” spoke of “a conspiracy so immense.”

Communists and anti-anti-Communists mocked McCarthy, while Republicans either sat on their hands, or openly supported the enemy. They combined to make McCarthy the invisible man of the U.S. Senate.

As Stanton Evans, Ann Coulter, and Diana West would prove, using the Venona Transcripts long after McCarthy’s death in 1957, the conspiracy was even more immense than he’d imagined.
Mocking Republican anti-Communists as “crazy conspiracy theorists” has been a tactic of the Left, which really does habitually conspire against its enemies, for well over 50 years.

The Hillary Clinton campaign (which includes the MSM), and the Never-Trumpers have fanatically repeated the tactics of Journolist 2016.

The Nine Pillars (so Far) of Journolist 2016

• Trump is Hitler;
• Trump’s supporters are violent Nazis (black supremacist and militant homosexualist CNN activist, Don Lemon, has obsessively shown anti-Trump propaganda videos, while refusing to show the violent attacks by Hillary Clinton supporters on non-violent Trump supporters);
• Trump must be bullied into disavowing his supporters, again and again, until they desert him;
• Trump must surrender the positions that made him successful (the so-called “pivot”), so that his base will desert him, and Hillary Clinton can win a landslide victory;
• Any position Trump takes in reaching out to blacks, Hispanics and women, must be denounced, as if he had called them racial or sexual epithets;
• Everything Trump says must be “fact-checked,” and asserted to be false, by Democrat media operatives (who give Clinton a free ride);
• Everything Trump does must be tarred as a “mistake”;
• Everything Trump and his supporters say must be mocked as the stuff of a “conspiracy theory”; and
• Hillary Clinton must be protected, at all costs, with lies, lies, and more lies, of omission and commission.

There will surely be more Journolist 2016 dirty tricks to come.


Anonymous said...

The most ridiculous demand of all..."Trump must admit that Obama was born in the USA--or is a racist"..
Trump does it...and they flip their (figurative AND literal) Afros--calling him a racist,bigoted faker.
"He can't take dat back now",said one black congresswoman,"Can't fool us --we KNOW what he's tryin' to do".
I wonder if they
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

"Breitbart News 'so far to the right that it practically falls off the map.'”

So what if it was? According to the news media anyone to the "right" of Leon Trotsky is a fascist.