Thursday, September 15, 2016

#BlackLivesMatter Olympics (Graphics)

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jerry pdx
There was a "hate crime" in Oregon, my home state and close to where I live. A black man was run over by a white couple after a fight in the Gresham suburb. He died a few days later. It apparently started with some kind of altercation outside a store and the black man pulled a knife. It's unclear what exactly happened or who started it but the media has already condemned the white guy as a racist. Supposedly he has white supremacist ties, or did sometime in his past. Judging from the details I've read of the white guys past he's truly a piece of work and I don't have a lot of sympathy for him but this case, like all of these cases illustrates the extreme hypocrisy about hate crime in this country.

Interesting that none of the reports claim that the white male made any racist comments, though who knows what might come out. I'm doubtful he did though, it's the first the media jumps on, I wouldn't be surprised if witnesses appear out of the woodwork claiming they heard "something" that sounded like the N word. Probably doesn't matter though, it appear his past connections as a "white supremacist" has him condemned already.

This got me thinking about the last time a black person was murdered by a white one in my city. I do remember a murder in the mid 80's in which a black man was stabbed to death by a white guy after he told a friend he wanted to get the blood of a black man on his knife. He was convicted of murder and a bias crime and I have no argument with that. It's just that I can't think of one other white on black murder we've had here other than that one and this one that just happened. Maybe there's something I missed but I doubt it, those kind of murders get plenty of coverage so it's just about impossible not to know they didn't happen.
Then I thought about black on white murders and I can immediately come up with plenty of them. Recently a white man was beaten to death by a gang of blacks in the downtown area, there was not mention of any possible race bias, nobody went back into their past to see if they ever made any racist comments or practiced violence against whites regularly. Then there was a recent shooting of a white bouncer in a nightclub by a black man. We had a young black man murder his elderly white grandmother a while back. There was a mass transit shooting in which a white man was killed a black man... A white bicyclist was beaten to death by blacks 5 or 6 years ago. A white girl was murdered her boyfriend recently, actually there have been a couple more of those also but they go back a ways.
These all occurred in the past decade or so, there have been other previous ones but I can't clearly remember details, I could probably find out with some research but it's safe so say we've had a fair number of white on black murders over the years. I'm going to guess it happens about once a year or so. I'll say a little less than that just to be conservative, I wouldn't want some self righteous liberal to arrogantly tell me I'm wrong because there aren't quite "one a year".

So over the course of 30 years we've had, I'd estimate, 20-25 black on white murders and 2 white on black murders. This in a region that is only 7% black. For anyone mathematically challenged out there (i.e. anyone black), that is an astronomically higher level of black on white murder than vice versa.

So despite this reality we're going to treated with sanctimonious white liberals and black racists screaming about racism in Portland and how black men are being killed every time they step into the street by all these uber violent white supremacists. Nobody's ever going to pull out the actual statistics about interracial murder and put this incident into perspective.